5 things to include in a CV or application

Following on from our recent article on 5 Things NOT to include in a CV or Application we explore 5 things that you really SHOULD include in a CV or application.

1. Contact details

OK, we know it sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many people fail to include contact details in their CV or application. Do not assume that because you sent your CV by email a record of your email address will be kept – always include your contact information in the actual CV or application. No contact details could mean no job.

2. Suitability 

Right, now for the really important information – how you meet the requirements for the job. The employer will have provided information on the skills they require in the job advertisement. Make sure that you study this information and write your CV or application to show how you meet these requirements. Job adverts are rarely the same so why send the same CV each time? Taking the time to understand the needs of the employer and to bring out how you meet these needs is they key to a successful job application.

3.  Results and outcomes

Employers are interested in results and outcomes – so be sure to include information on the results results and outcomes of your work. Avoid the temptation to provide a complete breakdown of each task that you did in previous jobs. Instead, focus on results and outcomes  and provide numerical data to quantify your results and achievements where possible i.e. introduced a new filing system that reduced time spent looking for accounts by x% or developed a sales approach that increased sales by US$ X or X%. Candidates who provide this information are much more likely to be successful with their applications.

4. Educational achievements

An easy way for recruiters to filter the 100’s of applications they might receive is by eliminating those who fail to meet or fail to include their educational achievements. It is usually worth including all educational achievements in a CV or application (although you should always read the job description for hints and tips on what you should and should not include). Remember also to include any skills or knowledge gained though informal or work-based training – even though you may not have obtained a formal qualification. The could include the ability to use various work-based equipment (including computer software).

5. Professional Memberships

Recruiters and employers will often want to see details of any professional memberships you hold – so be sure to include this information (even if you only hold student membership). Again, always check the job description for information on what you should and should not include.


Do you have any advice or tips or tips on what to include in a CV or application? Share your tips and help others below.

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  1. Sekelani Lungu

    This is very helpful, i have friends who always want to see my CV and copy what is there, but i think there are certain elements i have been missing out, thank you for this information. Now my CV and applicatin will be dynamic.

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