How technology can help you find a job in Zambia

Have you thought about how technology could help you to find a job in Zambia?

Technology has made many things things in life a lot easier – including finding a job. In the latest article from Go Zambia Jobs we outline how technology can be used in order to help you to find a job in Zambia.

1. Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are increasingly being used as a way for organisations and individuals to share news about employment opportunities. For example, you can find links to job advertisements and careers articles from Go Zambia Jobs on our Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn pages.

Tips on how to use social media to find a job:

  • Find companies that you are interested in working for and like or follow their page
  • Engage with companies that you are interested in working for by liking, retweeting or commenting on their posts and articles
  • Look out for seminars and events being advertised on social media and make sure you attend

Top tip: Facebook news feeds are increasingly congested and not all posts are shown to you. To ensure that you see notifications from the people and organisations that you want to go to your preferences and highlight people and/or organisations, such as Go Zambia Jobs, whose posts you would like to appear in your news feed.

2. Smart Phones

Smart phones are more than just a device to take telephone calls. Smart phones give you the ability to receive the latest job alerts via email, text and social media ensuring that you never miss a job opportunity again.  You can also use smart phones as storage devices allowing you to take your CV and other useful information wherever you go. Smart phones also give you the ability to find lots of useful information on the internet. This can be useful for company research and other things – such as directions to the interview venue.  Furthermore, smart phones can contribute to your own personal brand and style. If you’re going to an interview, having a smartphone can spark conversation and could give you opportunity to demonstrate how you are able to use technology.


Technology enabled us to develop – the #1 careers site for Zambia. Our website is designed specifically to help employers and job seekers to connect in Zambia. Employers can now instantly place job adverts and job seekers can view and apply for these job adverts 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In addition, is packed full of amazing careers and education articles to help you in your career.

4. The Gig Economy

Freelancing is an increasing popular way for individuals, companies and employers to outsource work. Freelancing is sometimes referred to as being part of the “gig” economy. In the gig economy, instead of a regular wage, workers get paid for the “gigs” they do, such as a taxi ride, logo design, tutoring etc.

Freelancing is now a global industry with opportunities for people to find freelance work (“gigs”) through technology. Opportunities now exist for individuals to undertake work for people anywhere in the world. For examples, a Zambian based in Lusaka could design a logo for a person in the USA, teach English to an individual in China or perform any number of jobs.

Find out more at: Join The Gig Economy


Developments in technology have made it easier than ever before to search for jobs and to connect with employers. If you are looking for a job then you should think about how you can use technology as part of your job search strategy.

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