Top 5 job application mistakes

Are you applying for lots of jobs with success? Check out our top 5 job application mistakes and improve your chance of application success.

1. Failure to fully read job adverts

It is vital that you take time to fully read job adverts. Why?

a) It will help you that you to adjust your applicationz to ensure that you maximise your job application scores (see Job Application Success)

b) It will ensure that you follow the correct application procedure. For example, there is little point in sending a CV when the employer has requested that you follow a different application procedure such as completing an online application form.

2. Missing information

If you leave sections blank on an application or fail to quantify your achievements (see How to Create an Impact with your CV) you are giving the employer less information than other candidates. Always try to ensure that you provide all the information requested by the employer.

3. Late applications

If an employer has received a sufficent number of applications by the closing date they may reject all applications submitted after the closing date. If you are serious about looking for work put aside a little time each day to look for jobs. This way you are more likely to find new jobs as soon as they become available and less likely to miss out on potential job opportunities.

4. Sending the same application over and over again

When you apply for a job, you need to show the employer that you are the right fit for the job. The best way to do this is to tailor your qualifications to the knowledge, skills and abilities listed in the job posting.

If you are sending the same application or CV over and over again there is no way you will meet all the job requirements stipulated by the employer. Therefore, your job applications will not score as high as other applicants. It also shows the employer that you do not care enough about the job to demonstrate how you meet the requirements stipulated in the job description.

Your aim should be to quickly produce a high-quality application that clearly meets the specific requirements stipulated by each employer in their individual job adverts.

5. Nothing?

It is worth considering that there could be nothing wrong with your job applications and that the problem is that there is just too much competition for you to prove what a good employee you would be. There are many people looking for employment in Zambia and employers will only be able to bring a very limited number to interview. Therefore, you may have the right skills and experience but still not be called to interview. If this is the case it is important not to get disheartened.

Keep developing new skills and experience and keep developing your job search plan (see How to Plan a Job Search).

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