Advertising FAQ’s

Would you like to advertise your products and services on one the most popular websites in Zambia? With our new advertising features we make it easier than ever to advertise in Zambia.

Advertising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where do I submit my advert?

You can quickly and easily submit your advert(s) at

2. Can I view statistics related to my advert(s)?

Yes. When you have placed your order you will be provided with a link to a dashboard where you can view statistics (views, clicks, CTR etc.).

3. Will adverts be visible on different devices?

Yes. Adverts are 100% responsive and can be viewed on multiple devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC).

4. Where on will my advert(s) appear?

We currently offer two on-page advertising locations. Leaderboard adverts appear at the top of all pages on Sidebar adverts appear on the right hand side of pages or below job search results depending on device.

5. What types of adverts can be added to

The standard order form allows image adverts with a URL link. If you would like to add an image, text or other advert style please email [email protected] and we will endeavor to help.

6. Can I book advertising space in advance?

Yes. To book your advert(s) in advance please check out the availability schedule at Please note that advertising space is sold on a first come first serve basis and demand may exceed supply at peak times.

7. What are the terms and conditions of advertising?

For full terms and conditions visit: Advertising Terms & Conditions

8. How many adverts appear in each space?

A maximum of 5 adverts are displayed on a rotational basis in each advertising space. To advertise exclusively please send a message to us at [email protected].


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Last updated: 10 February 2017

Further Information

If you need any further information regarding advertising on please send an email to [email protected].