BEIT Trust Scholarships 2018: Invitation to Zambian Candidates

BEIT Trust Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in 2018

Invitation to Zambian Candidates

The Beit Trustees offer annually to graduates under the age of 30 (or 35 in the case of medical doctors) and who have been domiciled in Zambia for at least 3 years, scholarships to attend partner universities in the UK and South Africa.

The scholarships are for one year taught Masters’ Degrees only at UK Universities (or two years at the South African Universities). The Trust does not fund undergraduate degrees. The partner universities and awards are:

  • Cambridge University, for Beit-Cambridge Scholarships (BC)
  • Edinburgh University, for Beit-Edinburgh Scholarships (BE)
  • Glasgow University, for Beit-Glasgow Scholarships (BG)
  • The University of Leeds, for Beit-Leeds Scholarships (BL)
  • Oxford University, for Beit-Oxford/Wadham Scholarships (BOW)
  • Strathclyde University, for Beit-Strathclyde Scholarships (BSC)

Awards for additional joint funded Masters’ Degrees are also offered in South Africa at:

  • The University of Cape Town, for Beit-University of Cape Town Scholarships (BUCT)
  • Rhodes University, for Beit-Rhodes Scholarships (BR)
  • Stellenbosch University, for Beit-Stellenbosch Scholarships (BS)

Medical scholarships of more than 2 years’ study at South African universities may likewise be awarded to candidates of outstanding quality.

If you wish to apply, please go to “Scholarships” page on The Beit Trust website ( for further details, including deadlines and an application form.