BIG job seeking mistakes

Are serious about finding employment in Zambia?

If you are then check out these BIG mistakes and give yourself the best chance of finding a job in Zambia.

1. Lack of effort

The jobs market in Zambia is extremely competitive. Applicants who put no effort into their applications OR send generic applications are unlikely to be successful. If you really want to find a job in Zambia then you need to put lots of effort into each application.

2. Not following the application procedure 

Employers often specify a particular application procedure that you must follow. If you choose not to follow the application procedure then you risk your application being instantly rejected.

3. Informal language

Most employers expect a level of formality from those looking for a job. This means you might need to alter the way you talk and the way you write. Avoid abbreviations that you might use when using SMS, social media or when chatting with friends.

4. Rudeness and aggression

It is surprising how often people become rude or aggressive when looking for a job. It can be frustrating looking for a job but you should always remain polite and professional. If you become rude or aggressive the employer is unlikely to consider you in the future.

5. Failure to learn and improve

If you are applying for jobs without success you should think about how you can improve your CV or application to make them more successful. The ability to learn and improve is vital when looking to find employment.

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