Impact of Trauma on Mental Health

University of Glasgow
Delivery Method
Online/Distance Learning
Start Date
27th July 2020
10 weeks
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Explore trauma, mental wellbeing, and psychosocial support

Trauma can affect anyone at any time. From bereavement to sudden natural disasters, trauma can leave a lasting impact that can develop into a range of disorders if left unmanaged.

As our awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing increases – alongside public access to psychological interventions – so does demand for individuals trained to understand and support mental wellbeing. In the US alone, the number of psychiatrists is projected to grow by 11% over a ten-year period to 2026.

On this microcredential, you’ll identify how individuals who have experienced trauma can be supported empathetically, effectively and professionally, learning from experts in psychology and psychiatry.

Along with University of Glasgow staff, you’ll explore the links between trauma and psychological wellbeing, investigate the implications of diagnosis, and consider research and evidence – allowing you to make informed decisions about appropriate referrals to other agencies.

Ultimately, the course will give you the confidence to open conversations about the topic of wellbeing. You’ll critically appraise the scientific literature to justify potential concerns relating to post-trauma adjustment, recognising psychological disorders and evaluating therapeutic interventions along the way.

This course is an educational resource, not a therapeutic tool. If you are feeling distressed, in a state of despair or suicidal, it’s important to tell someone. Visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention to find Crisis Centres around the world. We do not provide a treatment service or advice for those in crisis.

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