Sales Operations/Management Specialization

West Virginia University
Delivery Method
Online/Distance Learning
Start Date
Approx. 6 months
Additional Information

Master knowledge and techniques to manage an effective sales force.

Sales jobs span nearly every industry, from agribusiness and pharmaceuticals, to telecommunications and property management. And essential to sales is the management of the sales force.

This course provides the knowledge and know how required for careers in sales management. Students are exposed to all facets of sales management, including organizing, selecting, training, motivating, supervising and compensating the sales force, territory management and administration and sales and expense forecasting.

What courses are included in the Sales Operations/Management Specialisation? 

  1. Account Management & Sales Force Design
  2. Sales Force Management
  3. Compensation, Expenses and Quotas
  4. Forecasting, Budgeting, Territories, Evaluation and Legal/Ethical Issues
  5. Sales Operations: Final Project

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