How to create a Master CV

A Master CV is an essential career tool. But what exactly is a Master CV and how can you create one?

What is a Master CV?

A Master CV is the CV that you are going to constantly update as your career progresses. It is basically a list of everything that you have ever done. This list should include:

  • Each job title
  • Each project worked on
  • Each skill acquired
  • Each qualification gained
  • Each achievement attained
  • Each professional organisation joined
  • Each award won

How is Master CV different to a regular CV?

A Master CV is a complete list of everything you have ever done. Things only ever get added to your Master CV – nothing is ever deleted. Don’t worry about your Master CV becoming too long. As your career progresses your Master CV will grow in size. Your Master CV is never sent to employers so it is of no concern if your Master CV grows to 10 or even 20 pages.

A regular CV, that is the CV you send when applying for jobs, is tailored to meet the requirements of each job advertisement. The style and content is changed to meet the requirements of the job advertisement. Irrelevant information is deleted to allow greater focus on the relevant information.

Why should I create a Master CV?

  1. Helps memory. It is so easy to forget things during the course of your career. Updating your Master CV is vital to help you remember all the skills and experience that you have gained. Creating your Master CV will help you remember these things.
  2. Helps Applications. A Master CV is a great tool that you can use each time you apply for a job. Not sure if you have the right skills for the role – check your Master CV as you might be surprised to see that you acquired these skills in another role.
  3. Helps Career Progression. A Master CV helps you to monitor and evaluate how your career is progressing. By referring to your Master CV you can see how and when skills where obtained and what areas there are for improvement and progression.


It can be difficult for people to think about what information they will require in the future. However, by starting your Master CV now you will be helping to lay the foundations for your future success.

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