CV Generator FAQs

Thank you for your interest in our free CV Generator. If you are having problems using our CV generator or require help please check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below:

1. Can I use the CV Generator with a smart phone or tablet device?

Yes. You can use your smart phone or tablet to generate your CV. Please note that your device may require you to install additional software in order to enable you to view your CV. For example, if you are using an iphone or android device you may need to visit the itunes app store or google play in order to download the free Microsoft Office Mobile App (or equivalent) before generating your CV. This will enable your device to view, edit and save the CV generated. Once you have added your details and clicked “Create CV” click “Open in Office Mobile” (or your chosen office package).

2. Error Message – Unable to Read Document

Your device may require you to install additional software in order to enable you to view your CV. Please follow the instructions above.

3. How do I save my CV?

If you are using a computer with Microsoft Word installed simply click “File”, “Save As”, choose the file name and the location you would like to save your CV to and click “Save”.

If you are using a smartphone with the Microsoft Office Mobile App, once the CV has been generated and you are viewing your CV, click the sheet of paper icon with the folded corner, then select “Save” or “Save As”.

4. How do I convert my CV to a PDF?

To convert your CV to a PDF simply “Save As”, go the box entitled “Save as type” and select PDF(*.pdf). This will generate a PDF version of your CV. Alternatively, you can use a PDF converter from the internet.

5. Can I edit my CV once it has been generated?

Yes. When you finish adding your details on our website and click “Create CV” Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Mobile or equivalent package will create your CV. You should then be able to view, edit and save your CV.

6. Should I amend my CV for each job?

Yes. No two job advertisements are the same so why would you send the same CV? Each job advertisement contains different requirements and the only way to ensure that you meet these requirements is to amend your CV to the requirements of each job advertisement. For more information visit 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Send the Same CV Twice. You may also want to consider creating a Master CV which details all your qualifications, skills, experience and achievements. For more information visit How To Create a Master CV.

7. Does Go Zambia Jobs keep a copy of my CV?

No. Go Zambia Jobs does not keep a copy of your CV. To ensure that the CV generated is not lost please save it to your device or to your personal file store.

8. I click Create CV but nothing happens?

This could be due to restrictions for users accessing our site via If you are accessing our site via then you will need to visit our full site in order to create your free CV.

Further Help

If you have any further questions about our free CV generator please email us at [email protected].