CV Tips: How to write an executive summary

In this exclusive article from Go Zambia Jobs we explain what an “Executive Summary” is, where it should be placed and how it can help your job applications be more successful.

What is an “Executive Summary”?

The Executive Summary on your CV briefly outlines your key skills and experience to an employer. It should be compelling and concise whilst providing the employer with key information.  It is an excellent opportunity for you to make a good first impression and quickly outline what makes you a suitable fit for the position.

Where should the “Executive Summary” be placed on my CV?

The Executive Summary should be placed after your contact details at the start of your CV. The aim is to write an Executive Summary that will make a good first impression that will encourage the employer to select your application.

You can view some example CVs at: CV Basics

How can I create an “Executive Summary”?

When considering a personal summary section the author may want to consider the use of the acronym “CEASE” to help him to think about what to include in this section:

  • C haracteristics: 2-3 personal or professional traits that make you a good fit for the position
  • E xperience: The number of years of relevant experience
  • A chievements: 2-3 key achievements relevant to the position
  • S kills: 2-3 skills relevant to the position in question
  • E xpertise: Relevant qualification or special expertise relevant to the position

An example of an “Executive Summary”

The order in which you list these factors can vary but as an example the author may consider a summary such as:

“A highly-skilled administrator with a Diploma in Information Technology and 2 years’ practical administration experience.  Sober, honest and reliable with the ability to develop, implement and significantly improve administrative departments.”

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