Do you have the skills employers want?

Employers usually want to employ people with a particular skill or set of skills. In this article we define what a skill is and how can you show that you have the skill(s) that employers want.

What is a skill?

According to, a skill is defined as “the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well.”

How can you identify the skills employers want in Zambia?

Start by looking at the job advertisements listed on Employers use job advertisements to show applicants the skills required. Use the job advertisements to identify the most important skills, remembering to include soft skills (such as communication, tact, diplomacy etc.) as well as hard skills such as qualifications and experience. It may help if you write down a list of the skills required. This will help you to identify the skills you already possess and provide information on skills that you may need to develop.

How can you identify your own skills?

A great way to identify your own skills is to conduct a quick skills assessment. You can find out how to conduct a skills assessment in the article listed below. You may also want to read the article on transferable skills.

How can you demonstrate your skills in your application?

Remember that the employment market in Zambia is extremely competitive and in order to be successful you need to create a carefully planned application. The good news is that now you should have a better undestanding of (a) the skills employers want in Zambia and (b) your own skills. Now you just need to demonstrate these skills in order to pursuade the employer that you are the best candidate for the role. To find out how you can demonstrate your skills in your application check out the article below.

What if I am missing skills?

If you are misssing a skill that is required by an employer then you may need to take some action that will help move you in the right direction. This action could include udertaking additional education, experience or skill-building activities. If you possess most of the skills required it may still be worth applying, however this will depend on the of the importance of the skill that is missing.

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