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Have you recently graduated and now need to create a graduate-style cover letter? In this article from Go Zambia Jobs, we provide a free Graduate Cover Letter Template and explain what you need to include in a graduate-style cover letter.

1. Style & Layout  

Before the employer has read the content of your cover letter they will have formed an impression of you based on the style and layout of your cover letter. Cover letters (and graduate style cover letters) are usually presented in a standard layout such as:

  • The name, department and address of the employer as specified in the job advertisement
  • Your name, address and contact details
  • The date the letter was written
  • A subject line that includes the job title and job reference number (if provided)
  • A greeting (e.g. Dear Sir/Madam)
  • A few short paragraphs of amazing content (see below)
  • Sign-off (e.g. Yours sincerely or Yours faithfully) and signature

If you are applying for a creative role (such as a graphics designer) you may want to showcase your creative ability – if not, stick to a simple style and layout. Avoid inconsistent inconsistent bullet points and line spacing and avoid the use of multiple font sizes and colours.

You can view some examples of different cover letter structures in our article: Application Letters

2. Make every word count

Writing succinctly is a skill and your cover letter provides the opportunity to showcase this skill. Unless you are applying for a very senior position a 1 page cover letter is usually appropriate. If a word or sentence does not add anything to your cover letter then look at removing or rewording.

3. Solve the problem

Employers are looking for applicants to solve who have the skills to solve a problem. For example, an employer may seek to recruit a graduate accountant to solve the problem of keeping accurate accounting records and invoicing customers. Prior to writing your cover letter you must read the job description and find out what problems the employer needs solving. You can then use this information to match the employers requirements with your own skills. Skills and experience matching is a vital part of the recruitment process.

Important Note:  You should never submit a generic cover letter as these are easily spotted and signal a lack of thought and effort. Remember – solve the problem and boost your chances of getting an interview.

FREE Graduate Cover Letter Template

To download a Graduate CV Template click on this link: Graduate Cover Letter Template

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