Help! How many times should I apply for the same job?

Dear Aunty, 

I would love to know how many times a job seeker is advised to apply for the same position in the same company. Is it only once or as many times as s/he wants to e.g. via email, letters in person and online applications?

Aunty says,

I would suggest that you:

A) Send just one application using the application procedure stipulated in the job advertisement

B) Ensure that the application that you send is AMAZING

The logic is simple. Try putting yourself in the position of the employer. They go to a lot of effort writing a job advertisement and specifying the application procedure. If you choose to not follow this procedure it could come across insulting to them. Furthermore, if you submit more than one application for the same job then you are actually creating extra work for the employer and nobody likes to be given extra work. Also, if you submit more than one application it shows that you are not able to get things right first time. Most employers prefer someone who is confident that they can get things right first time.

The only time you should apply for the same job more than once is if the job has been re-advertised or sufficient time has passed between your first and second application.

For more information on how to create an AMAZING application click on the following link: Careers Advice

I hope that this information will of use to you and others in Zambia and wish you all the best with your job search.

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