Help! I submit my CV to recruitment agents but get nowhere

Dear Aunty,

I am a recent graduate looking for my first job. My problem is that when I submit my CV to recruitment agents I get nowhere.

Am I doing something wrong?

Aunty says,

This is a problem that many people encounter when looking for a job. With the limited information provided in your email it is difficult for me to provide a specific answer but I can provide you with some key information regarding:

  • What recruitment agents are looking for in Zambia
  • How you can improve your chances of being contacted
  • Some alternatives to recruitment agents

What recruitment agents are looking for in Zambia

Recruitment agents are looking to find the applicants that best meet the requirements stipulated to them by the employer. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications it is not always possible for them to reply to each applicant. Try not take offence if you are not contacted – if your application suits the requirements of the employer they will contact you.

How to get your application noticed by recruitment agents

There are lots of things that you can do in order to improve the chances of getting your application noticed by a recruitment agent. Here are some of my top tips.

  1. Ensure that you meet the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement
  2. Submit a high-quality, targeted application at the earliest possible opportunity
  3. Include key skills, experience and qualifications specified in the job advertisement
  4. Contact the recruitment agent via telephone or in person to build rapport
  5. Try to gain work experience and include extra curricular activities and key achievements relevant to the role

Alternatives to recruitment agents

Recruitment agents are just one option available to you when looking to find employment in Zambia. Other options include direct applications to advertisements listed on, in newspapers and on employers websites. You may also want to keep use social media in order to find work AND also to let friends and family know that you are looking for employment.

Additional Resources

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I hope that this information will be of use to you and others in Zambia and wish you all the best for the future.


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