Help! Should I send hand written job applications?

Dear Aunty, 

Please can you confirm the best way to send job application letters? I mean should I send written or typed job application letters?

Aunty says,

Thank you for your letter. This is a question that I am often asked and I am happy to help clarify this issue for you. In most cases you should submit typed application letters. Typed applications are appropriate for job applications as they are:

  • suitable for business use
  • easier for employers and recruiters to read
  • easier for you to spell check and amend

The only exception is when the job advertisement specifically stipulated that job applications should be hand written. If this is the case then you should submit a hand-written application.

When typing an application you should use a clearly recognizable font (such as Arial, Times New Roman), a suitable font size (12pt) and a black or grey font colour. Job applications usually consist of an application letter detailing why an employer might want to consider offering you employment, together with a CV outlining your relevant skills and experience. You can view example applications and CVs at:

If you are submitting speculative job applications please read my advice: Help! How can I submit speculative job applications

I hope that this information will of use to you and others in Zambia and wish you all the best with your speculative job applications.

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