Help! The company is failing

Dear Aunty,

Thanks for this platform it is always enlightening. My dilemma is the company I work for is on the verge of failure. They are not liquid as they have huge debts with several organisations and the bank.

With all assets tied to loans they can’t borrow anywhere. Salaries are never on time. My bosses have resorted to running away from the office. I helped build the company from scratch and hence I am very attached but now I fear with the poor leadership it’s falling apart and feel there is no more help I can render.

Should I leave them?

Aunty says,

I understand your dilemma. Having helped build the company from scratch you have an emotional attachment with it. That said, it appears that the business is having serious financial problems.

So, should you leave?

I suspect that you have already made up your mind. If I am right, then the question is not so much about whether you should leave – but when you should leave.

Before making such a big decision it is worth spending some time now thinking about your options for the future:

  • How would you cope financially, emotionally and professionally with leaving?
  • What is the jobs market like for people with your level of skills and experience?
  • Would you be entitled to a redundancy payment should the company fail?

If the situation is as bad as you say, then now really is the time to start thinking about your future.

Start preparing by thinking about the questions above. You should also start the process of updating your CV. You could do this by creating a list of your key skills, achievements and experiences and by ensuring that you have all your educational certificates to hand etc. There is lots of information in the Go Zambia Jobs Careers Advice section to help you.

Remember, it is usually better to find alternative employment when employed rather than run the risk of having a gap in your CV – or being unable to find suitable employment.

I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do and hope that our community may also be able to share some of their experiences – I suspect that some of them will have been in a similar situation and will be able to offer additional advice.

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