How can I place job adverts in Zambia?

Thank you for your interest in placing job advertisements on – one of the most popular websites in Zambia!

Please find below the steps involved in placing job advertisements on

  1. Select
  2. Add the details of your job and click the “preview” button
  3. Select package and “click submit”
  4. Complete the order form and “click place order”*

*If you are a Zambian-based organisation, charity or NGO select the free job listing package when placing the job order.

Job adverts will remain activate for 28 days unless otherwise specified.

You may edit, close or delete adverts at any time via the Manage Jobs options on the employer menu.

NB: Please note that we suggest copying and pasting your job description from a Word file rather than a PDF as formatting (bullet points, fonts etc.) is lost when copying and pasting from a PDF.

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