How to be more confident

In this exclusive article from Go Zambia Jobs we explore how a better appreciation of your own abilities and qualities can help you become more confident.

What is confidence?

Confidence can be defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

How can you become more confident?

1. Identify and value your skills and abilities

People with low levels of confidence and self-assurance often undervalue their abilities and qualities. They often focus on what they are not able to do (or think that they are not able to do) rather than the abilities and qualities that they do have. For many, this is because a particular ability or quality has always come naturally or because you do not find it difficult.  As a result you conclude that this ability or quality is nothing special.

For example, you may be an extremely caring person who is always happy to help others.  As this quality comes naturally to you it may be that you fail to put a value on this quality. Instead, in your efforts to achieve something you view as impressive, or to gain a feeling of accomplishment, you think only of the abilities and qualities that you do not have (or think that you do not have). To be confident and self-assured it is important to appreciate and to value your abilities and qualities. You will be surprised how often these abilities and qualities that are valued by employers.

2. Understand negative thoughts and emotions

All of the time our brains are turning over thoughts and emotions. Just as we are not always conscious of the way we breathe, we are not always conscious of the thoughts and emotions that we have. Those looking to find employment can have unhelpful thoughts and emotions that they are not aware of and that can damage their confidence levels.

These negative thoughts include overestimating:

  • the chance of negative events happening e.g. “I will make no sense during the job interview”.
  • the cost of the negative events e.g. “If I do not have a perfect interview I will not get the job “.

3. Challenge and channel your negative thoughts and emotions

Identifying negative thoughts and emotions can help you to understand the real causes of these thoughts and emotions. You can the channel your negative thoughts and emotions and use them as a tool to actually increase your levels of confidence.

In the case of the previous scenario we would ask:

  • Why do you feel that you that you might make no sense during the interview?
  • What makes you think that there is such a thing as a perfect job interview?
  • Will not having a perfect job interview mean that you will be unsuccessful in the future?

We can use these questions to help examine the root causes of your concerns and take steps to address these concerns.  For example, by learning how to prepare for interviews you will gain a greater understanding of the interview process and become more confident in this environment.  You will gain a greater understanding of what employers want, the questions you might be asked and how you can easily convey your points to the employer. Similarly, if you think that you lack confidence as you think you lack a particular skill you can seek the opinion of others who may be able to reassure you of your skills in this area. Alternatively, they may be able to help you to produce a plan to develop this skill and therefore improve your knolwedge, understanding and confidence in this area.

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