How to conduct a skills assessment

A skills assessment is a good way to determine what skills you have AND how much you like using those skills. By developing a better understanding of your skills you can enhance your prospects of finding a job in 2016.

How can you conduct a skills assessment?

Step 1 – Identifying your skills

Start by grabbing a pen and a blank bit of paper then write your name in the middle of the paper. Draw lines out from your name with topic titles for your skills such as:

  • Personality
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Work experience

From these header topics add subtitles to add more detail. For example, the Personality skills title may have subtitles such as: Determined; Empathetic; Confident and so on. It may be possible to then go in to greater detail regarding these skills.

Step 2 – Seeking feedback from others

When you have completed your skills assessment ask a friend/teacher/employer to do the same exercise. Start by asking them to write your name in the middle of a blank piece of paper and then draw lines out from your name with all the different skills that they think you have. The reason for this part of the exercise is simple – many people can be quite modest about their skills or may not even realise what they have is a skill!

Step 3 – Reviewing the results

Now have a look at both pieces of paper and look at the skills that you possess. Are there any areas that surprise you? Is there a particular area that stands out? Are there any skills missing from your CV or applications you have made? Are there any skills that you would like to develop further?


Having conducted a skills assessment you can now use this knowledge to help you in your job search. Remember to keep the results of your skills assessment so that you can include these newly discovered skills in your CVs and applications.

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