How to create a one page CV

In the latest article from Go Zambia Jobs we outline how you can create an effective one page CV. We also provide an example of a one page CV for you to view.

What is a CV?

A CV is a written document used to show an individual’s skills and experience. A CV may also be called a Curriculum Vitae or a resume. The purpose of a CV is to highlight your skills, experience, qualifications and attributes to an employer. Your CV should be concise and (unless specified) should be between 2 to 3 pages. This should give you sufficient space to show your relevant skills whilst not taking up too much of the employers time.
Why create a one page CV?

Most of the time employers are happy with a 2 to 3 page CV. However, in some cases an employer may request that you send a 1 page CV. The challenge in these circumstances is for you to show that you:-

a) have read the job advertisement;

b) can follow the instructions provided in the job advertisement;

c) have the skills to demonstrate your suitability for the role in a concise one page CV.

How can I create a one page CV?

The secret to a successful 1 page CV is to be concise. This means cutting out any unnecessary information or information that can be provided at a later date (such as references). Styling is also important as you want to make sure that there is sufficient white space to ensure that the document is readable.

You can download a free example of a one page CV at: CV Basics

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