How to create an internship

In this exclusive article from Go Zambia Jobs, we outline how you can create an internship opportunity in Zambia.

What is an internship?

An internship is an opportunity for you to work for an employer and learn more about a particular industry and/or profession. Internships can last for any length of time between one week and 12 months and can be either paid or unpaid. When an internship is unpaid it is common for the employer to provide expenses to cover the cost of travel and subsistence. A person undertaking an internship is described as being an intern.

What are the benefits of an internship?

Internships give an intern the opportunity to gain vital work experience and improve their knowledge of a particular industry and profession. In addition, internships provide a chance to gain new skills, meet new people and gain references and achievements that can be use in the future. Internships don’t just benefit the person undertaking the internship they can also provide benefits to an employer. Interns bring energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. An internship is often a perfect way for an employer to try a potential employee before offering them a formal contract.

How to create an internship

1. Show initiative

This means being proactive, doing research to identify potential employers, making contact with employers and selling the benefits of an internship.

2. Be prepared

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Research the employer and industry so that you can know how to approach them. Ensure that you have a CV, copies of academic certificates,  a portfolio of your work (if appropriate) and clothes for an interview ready to go. You might also want to develop an elevator pitch – a short summary (20 – 30 seconds) to help you communicate why the employer should consider taking you on as an intern.

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3. Make contact

However you decide to make contact with an employer (in-person, email, letter, cold calling, networking events, social gatherings), if you want to create an internship, you need to be prepared to sell your skills and the benefits of the internship. Give an explanation as to why you have chosen this specific employer and outline how you think the company will benefit from taking you on as an intern.

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4. Prepare for interview

The interview is your chance to explain what you can offer and to ascertain if the internship is right for both you and the employer.

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5. Keep trying

If your efforts to create an internship are not successful do not lose hope. The reality is that you may have to contact lots of employers before you can find one able or willing to offer you an internship. The key thing is to keep trying and to keep applying.

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