How to get noticed when looking for a job in Zambia

With so much competition for jobs it is important to understand how to get yourself noticed by employers. In this article we outline 5 things you should do to in order to get noticed when looking for a job in Zambia.

1. Be more than academic

Academic ability is no longer guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd in Zambia. With so many academically qualified job seekers it could take more than academic achievements to impress employers.

2.  Be passionate

Employers like employees who are passionate about their work. Whether you are stacking shelves or designing skyscrapers you need to be passionate about what you do. Try to bring some of that passion out in your application and during interviews.

3. Be persistent

The more persistent you are the more likely you are to find a job. Keep looking for jobs and keep submitting applications. Where possible try to obtain feedback from each application so that you can your improve application technique.

4. Be valuable

Employers are looking for candidates who can add value to their organisation. This does not necessarily mean that you have to add value in terms of Kwacha – you can add value to an organisation by providing excellent customer service, great administrative support and so on. Think about how you can add value to an organisation and how you can demonstrate your value in your application and interview.

5. Be the right person

There will be lots of applicants who can demonstrate that they have the right skills but many will lose out because they fail to show the right attitude. Employers are looking for individuals who are professional, dependable and hard-working. You can demonstrate that you are the right person by a) producing a well written CV and/or application b) turning up on time and suitably dressed for interviews c) demonstrating that you have researched the organisation and the role d) providing examples regarding how you can be of value to the organisation.

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