How to impress on your first day at work

The first day at work fills most people with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. In this article we outline our 5 top ways to impress on your first day.

1. Be early

Leave sufficient time to ensure that you arrive early to work. Work out how long it will take you to travel to work and add some extra time. If you want to be really organised do a trial run before you start. Remember that there can be a lot to do and learn on your first day and that you may need to stay later than usual.

2. Be polite…to everyone

First impressions are extremely important. Try to make a good first impression by being polite and courteous to everyone you meet (even if they are not polite or courteous to you). This is regardless of their grade or position in the organisation.

3. Be enthusiastic

Employers like their employees to be enthusiastic about their work. This means showing excitement and interest in the work that you do. Try to show your employer that you are excited and interested in the work by doing some research in advance and by actively listening to what your new employer says.

4. Beware 

Workplaces are dynamic places with lots of different interrelationships (and rivalries). Avoid confrontation and gossip and use the first few days (and weeks) to learn more about your colleagues and the interrelationships that exist. You may also want to avoid commenting too much on other peoples work and making too many suggestions until you understand more about the organisation and its people.

5. Be prepared to work

You have been employed to do a job so be prepared to work. Listen to what your employer wants and try to be as helpful as you can and whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability. If you don’t know something, or you feel like you need help, ask – speaking up is not a sign of weakness.

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