How to keep track of job applications

Do you keep keep a record of every job application that you make?

In this article we explain how recording information on the job applications could be crucial in helping you to find a employment.

1. Information is power

Recording information on the job applications you make is vital as it will help you to learn more about:

  • The types of jobs available in Zambia
  • The skills and qualifications required by employers
  • What action is required (e.g. application deadline, interview date etc.)
  • The success rate of your applications

This information can provide extremely useful insights and can be a powerful tool in helping you to succeed in securing employment.

2. What records should you keep?

When applying for jobs you should keep a record of the following:

  • Every job application you make
  • The full job description including:
    • Job title;
    • Organisation name;
    • Contact information etc.
  • The date applied and the version of your CV or application submitted.

3. How can you record information?

If you found the job advertisement on you can simply “Bookmark” the job(s) you are interested in. Simply click the “Bookmark” button below the job title and this job will be saved to your account. You can even add notes to each job that you “Bookmark”. To view all the jobs that you have bookmarked select “My Jobs” from under the “Find Jobs” menu or visit

You may also want to set up a spreadsheet to help you record information. A spreadsheet is just a way to store, organize and analyse information. You can either produce your own spreadsheet or you can download a free version developed by Go Zambia Jobs.

To download our free spreadsheet visit: Job Application Tracking Spreadsheet


Keeping track of your job applications can be crucial in helping you to find a job. Storing vital information, keeping records of what actions need to undertaken and analysing your performance could be extremely helpful in helping you to find a job in Zambia.

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