How to create a website

Interested in starting a website?

The good news is that it has never been easier to start your own website! Whether you want to start a website for a business, church, charity or for a blog this guide aims to help you get started.

Update: In addition to our 5 step guide to creating a website using WordPress we now include information on how to create a simple website using Google My Business.

Method 1. WordPress

1. Getting started

There are many different ways you can start your own website. In this example, we guide you through the process of launching a WordPress website hosted by BluehostWordPress is an amazing free publishing platform that helps you to add content and design to your website. Bluehost helps you to make your website accessible by storing, serving and maintaining your files. Bluehost is the only hosting service officially recommended by WordPress and powers over 2 million websites worldwide!

2. Register with Bluehost

Go to Bluehost ( and click Sign Up NowBluehost offer a number of amazing hosting deals with prices starting at just $3.49 per month, which includes:

  • FREE domain name
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Choose a domain name

Next choose a domain name for your site. This is the name of your site, for example our domain name is 

Top tip: Web hosts frequently offer seasonal discounts on the cost of web hosting and domain names. This can help you save lots of money. Watch out for seasonal discounts a times such as Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Cyber Monday.

4. Add WordPress

Now that you have signed up to Bluehost you will be provided with some log in details that allow you to log into your account. Log-in to your account and click on the “One-Click Installs” button then click on the WordPress icon. This will open the installation window. Click on the green “Start” button and you will start the WordPress installation. You then just need to:

  • Select the domain where you want to install WordPress
  • Set up your a username and password for your WordPress install
  • Read the terms and conditions and then click “Install Now”

Once WordPress is fully installed, it will provide you with your site URL, the admin login URL, your username, and password. You should get a copy of this information, except your password, in an email as well. Make sure you keep this information in a safe place.

5. Log-in to WordPress

Now you can log into your WordPress site by going to the admin login URL. Enter your username and password, then click “Log In.” This will take you to your WordPress dashboard. From here, you can control everything to do with your WordPress site, such as creating pages, writing posts, and changing the appearance!


If you followed the steps above you should have now created your very own website and can begin adding your own content, video and pictures!

Want help with the design of your site?

There are lots of articles and courses on the web to help you develop the skills you need to design your site. Simply head over to your favourite search engine and you will discover lots of resources. Alternativly, you can save time and energy by employing a website developer or using a pre-designed website template. Themeforest is the #1 marketplace for pre-designed website templates for WordPress. It makes creating an amazing website even easier. You can find amazing templates and designs for your website at

Need more help getting started with WordPress?

Check out this video that will guide you through the steps of installing WordPress:

Method 2. Google My Business

If you need a simple, effective and integrated website for your business check out Google My Business.

With Google My Business, you can create business websites that looks great in under ten minutes. It’s completely free and includes powerful features designed to help drive more customers to your business.

  • Mobile ready
  • Custom domain (your website name)
  • Automatic updates
  • Manage on the go from any device
  • Drive calls and visits
  • Ads-ready

If you can manage a Facebook page then you have the skills to create your own free business website with Google My Business. Check out an example of a Google My Business site at

To create your site head over to Google My Business. You will then be able to add details of your business such name, address, contact details, opening hours etc. Following the instructions and Google will create your website with options for you to customise text and colours and to add images and videos. When you have done this you can click publish and your website will be visible.

If you need assistance creating your Google My Business site then check out this 2 minute YouTube demonstration video:

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