Revealed: How to submit speculative job applications

Are you struggling to find a job in Zambia? If so, you might want to consider sending speculative job applications as part of your overall job search strategy.

What are speculative job applications?

Speculative applications are job applications made to an employer when a job has not been formally advertised. Speculative job applications usually consist of an application letter detailing why an employer might want to consider offering you employment, together with a CV outlining your relevant skills and experience.

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How to submit speculative job application

  • Create a shortlist of organisations. This could be done on the basis of location, industry, profession, area of interest or a combination of these factors.
  • Research the organisation to learn more about their aims and values. If the organisation has a website this is a good place to start. You can then supplement this with research with information from other sources such as the media and your friends and family.
  • Try to match the tone of your application to that of the organisation or the type of employment you desire. For example, the media and creative industry may prefer more creativity in an application than say the legal or accountancy industries.
  • Where possible try to address your application to a named individual or function.
  • Be prepared. Success begins with preparation. The more you prepare the better your chances of success. Here is a list of basic things you will need for a successful job search in Zambia:
  • Follow up your application a few days later (see How to follow up a job advert). This is an opportunity to remind the employer of your interest and relevant skills and experience. It also gives you the opportunity and to answer any questions that an employer might want to ask you.

Key points  

When submitting speculative job applications you should always:

  • clearly state the type of work that you are seeking
  • demonstrate your understanding of the organisation and the sector in which it operates
  • persuasively outline what relevant skills and experience you can offer to the employer
  • show real enthusiasm to work

Furthermore, remember that it is usually best to send a few carefully crafted speculative job applications, which actually engage an employer, than 100s of generic speculate job applications that get discarded straight away.

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