Job Seeker Testimonials

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Job Seeker Testimonials

There are lots of job seekers using to find jobs in Zambia. Here is just some of the kind feedback submitted to

“May I say thank you for making it easy for us to find a place to see job adverts. I for one I have had many interviews and job offers after responding to adverts posted here on your site.” Mainde M.

“Thank you so much. You are the most credible site with credible newsletters, and best in Zambia.” Makenzie A.

“What you are doing will open our eyes as career seekers. Thank you very much.” Jacob M.

“Thank you for providing me with the information that I requested. Because I adequately prepared for the interview, it was just like a chat and I got the job. You are doing a great job please keep it. Your site is a knowledge hub that must be sustained.” Esther P.

“I would like to thank you for the great job you are doing in helping millions of people patterning job search, cv writing, academic and career guide and many more related issues. Keep up the good work and may the faithful Lord bless you. .” Evans P.

“Good advice realy helpfull; Love this .” Raymond M.

You can view testimonials from employers at: Employer Testimonials

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  1. You guys ( are the best, and and really been so instrumental. Your job adverts are timely and well updated. You’ve personally helped me in so many ways. Keep up with the great work you’re doing.
    From Choolwe Moono.

  2. It a 100% privilege that we can’t afford to pay back, your good job you do has prospered me big that I can’t explain. Andrew Banda Santos Eastern power


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