Organization Strengthening Inspirator

ActionAid Zambia

ActionAid Zambia (AAZ) is part of the ActionAid Global (AAG) Federation; sharing common values and aims to drive social change towards a just, equitable and sustainable world. AAZ works with marginalized and excluded women and young people, their organizations, and movements to address the structural causes of social injustice, gender inequality and poverty. ActionAid Zambia has a vacancy for an experienced and suitably qualified Zambian to fill the position of ORGANIZATION STRENGTHENING INSPIRATOR.

LOCATION: Roving Inspirator
PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION AREAS: Western, Southern, Northern and Eastern


The Inspirator will support organizational system strengthening to ensure that partners are supported to put in place or strengthen operational systems such as strategic plans among others. The Inspirator will be a Roving Inspirator supporting AAZ and all partners implementing across the different strategic objectives of the SPA II programme.

As an Organizational Strengthening Inspirator for the SPA II programme at ActionAid Zambia, the key performance roles would include but not limited to:

1. Providing technical assistance and expertise to develop and implement operational systems and structures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
2. Facilitating workshops and training sessions to build capacity in areas identified as weaknesses, such as governance and leadership, finance management, human resources, IT, and monitoring and evaluation.
3. Offer ongoing coaching and mentoring to support partners in developing strong internal control mechanisms, strategic planning processes, and risk mitigation strategies.
4. Coordinating with the Global Platform Zambia and other stakeholders to ensure alignment with existing programs and initiatives that support youth-led activism and organizational development.
5. Advising on the adoption of appropriate technologies and digital tools to streamline operations and improve data management and help to secure necessary resources and support for organizational development initiatives.


Specific duties of the Organizational Strengthening Inspirator include and not limited to:

  • Conduct regular assessments and evaluations to identify lessons learned, best practices, and challenges faced during SPa implementation and document findings and insights to inform future capacity-building initiatives and support actions.
  • Provide guidance and support in effective resource management, including financial planning, budgeting, and expenditure tracking and assist in developing resource mobilization strategies to diversify funding sources and enhance financial sustainability.
  • Design and deliver capacity-building programs tailored to address specific organizational development needs and conduct training sessions, workshops, and coaching sessions to enhance skills in governance, leadership, program management and finance management etc.
  • Provide capacity in developing comprehensive organizational governance manuals outlining roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes and provide capacity in the creation of operational manuals for efficient day-to-day operations.
  • Support the development of policies such as whistleblowing, SHEA, and data protection to ensure compliance with best practices and legal requirements and provide capacity building in developing strategic plans that align with their organizational goals and objectives.
  • Assist in creating operational plans to translate strategic objectives into actionable steps and provide capacity-building support across all units of programming to ensure a holistic approach to organizational development.
  • Provide training on advocacy strategies, communications frameworks, monitoring, and evaluation tools such as “Outcome Harvesting”, financial management plans, project management tools, and donor reporting requirements and systems.
  • Provide capacity building to implement database management systems for project management to improve data storage, retrieval, and analysis and provide capacity to develop training tools to build partners’ capacity in utilizing database systems effectively for project monitoring and reporting.
  • Collaborate to design advocacy strategies focusing on key thematic areas such as climate change, humanitarian assistance, and governance and provide guidance on developing communication frameworks/strategies to amplify advocacy messages effectively and offer support in developing donor reporting tools tailored to specific donor requirements.
  • Provide support in report writing to ensure accurate documentation of project activities, outcomes, and impact for donor reporting purposes.


  • Experience in project planning, management, and monitoring effectively, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and meet objectives.
  • Proficiency in financial planning, budgeting, and expenditure tracking, as well as experience in developing resource mobilization strategies and ensure financial sustainability.
  • Experience in designing and delivering capacity-building programs tailored to organizational development needs, including training, workshops, and coaching sessions.
  • Experience in developing organizational systems such as operational manuals, and policies related to areas such as whistleblowing, SHEA, and data protection, ensuring compliance with best practices and legal requirements.
  • Experience in developing strategic plans aligned with organizational goals and objectives, as well as translating strategic objectives into actionable operational plans.
  • Skilled in designing advocacy strategies, developing communication frameworks, and creating donor reporting tools to effectively communicate organizational messages and achievements.
  •  Proficiency in using monitoring and evaluation tools such as “Outcome Harvesting” to assess project impact and effectiveness, as well as report writing for donor reporting purposes.
  • Experience in database management systems for project management, improve data storage and analysis, and develop training tools to effectively use database systems for monitoring and reporting.


• A bachelor’s degree in Development Studies, Project Management or any relevant field from a recognized University.
• Have at least 1 – 2 years’ experience and understanding of organizational development and capacity strengthening.
• Experience in working effectively on climate justice and natural resource management.


  • Able to work with minimum supervision and effectively guides programme in strategic processes such as strategic planning.
  •  Meets set targets within set time frame and targets of high quality.
  • Demonstrates clear understanding of organizational mission, vision, and lives by values of ActionAid Zambia


To apply, please send a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae highlighting how you match the criteria in the Job Description to the following email address; [email protected]

Alternatively, applications can be sent to The Human Resources, ActionAid Zambia, P.O Box 51407, Lusaka. Closing date for receipt of applications is 12th March 2024 at 17:00 hours.

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