Cartographic and Geodetic Officer


Apion is a building contractor and real estate company in Lusaka

We are looking for someone to assist with the analysis of field survey data, land management data, aerial photographs and other geographic information. The objective of this job is to collect GPS coordinates of the boundaries assigned.

In light of this, the organization is seeking to work with a passionate individual who has skill sets in GIS particularly mapping systems using small scale planimetric measurements such as a city subdivision in which lots have already been created or any parcel of land in which titling is yet to take place. Work includes performing GIS analysis using devices and software to produce maps, charts, graphs and measurement to illustrate accurate GPS coordinates in the urban landscape or rural area visited during field operations; which are all important to navigation for our field staff as well as representation in property description on our website.


  • Accompany field staff and collect GPS coordinates to construct simple topographic surveys based on lines connecting points of equal elevation.
  • Collect technical and field data through Global Position System (GPS) and /or visual inspection and provide GIS technical support to users or fellow workers in the field.
  • Collect geographic information from aerial photographs and other survey data by liaising with surveyors or carrying out own cartographic production in the field from GPS coordinates.
  • Plot and record boundaries, appropriate easements and other appurtenant information from recorded maps, legal descriptions in deeds and other documents
  • Create new (or revised) assessor plats, utilizing updated information; resolve issues related to mapping boundary lines and property ownership in accordance to Title laws and practices.
  • Audit tentative surveys (in submittal process for recording); review for accuracy and adherence to Ministry of Lands titling system and other regulations; review errors with surveyors; determine required corrections for resubmittal.
  • Interpret applicable laws, regulations and codes relating to ownership and land division.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with property descriptions and discrepancies in legal documents and maps.
  • Review recorded surveys; check for accuracy, and adherence to cadastral country codes and other regulations.
  • Compute scales required to increase or decrease sizes of revised maps; compute land areas; determine line sizes, and color to be used for hard copies of computerized maps, using plotters.
  • Consult with Ministry of Lands, on mapping problems, apparent defects in chain of title, boundary description or other source material, to define problems and solutions, as they relate to mapping assessment and ownership

Key Performance Areas amongst others include:

  • Capture GPS information using hand held devices.
  • Ensure all data is collected timely and accurately.
  • Carry out paper based surveys where required.
  • Capture GPS locations of properties or facilities
  • Record relevant data using the prescribed mapping protocol.
  • Capture data in both offline and online modes
  • Sync captured information with the central repository
  • Conduct data synchronization via both mobile and other platforms


  • Diploma or degree in land surveying, land economy, urban and regional planning, civil engineering, geography, GIS or ┬ácomputer science
  • Experience in the use of digital cartographic software such as Adobe Illustrator and MaPublisher and GIS software such as ArcGIS and QGIS
  • Able to interpret map production standards well as investigate potential uses of spatial data.
  • Able to collect, store, analyse and present geographical and spatial data


Apply to [email protected], enclosing CV and qualifications

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