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The SYSA will report directly to the Systems Lead (SYSL), or in the absence of a SYSL the Operations Manager (OM), and will undertake such duties, exercise such powers and functions, and comply with such instructions in connection with the business of the SYSA, as required to fulfil the responsibilities of her/his position as SYSA and conform to the reasonable and lawful directions of the CTO, ISL (International Systems  Lead), SYSL and OM.

The Systems  Assistant works within the Systems Team, responsible for facilitating and assisting the work of the whole team but in particular that of the SYSL, The Systems Team is responsible for all aspects of the development, engineering, implementation, and operation of ARC Power’s backend, software and metering systems. The Systems Lead therefore leads a team of technical assistants who generally have an IT and software background.

Job Description
The SYSA is Responsible for administering and maintaining hardware, and software, conducting data management and analysis, providing technical support, ensuring software maintenance, and facilitating system integration. Collaborate with teams to streamline processes, adhere to regulatory standards, and drive efficiency in IT operations, including smart metering management. and will assist in managing and maintaining all software and systems operated by ARC Power.

Key Areas of Responsibility
The Systems Assistant has the following key areas of responsibility:

Assisting in the management of  ARC Power’s metering systems ;
Systems integration and management;
Second and third-line customer support (technical);
Operations collaboration and support
Assist in monitoring and auditing all infrastructure and installed systems ;
IT estate Management including licences, software & hardware;
Network design and management.
Technical support, training & accreditation.
Data management & analytics.

Assist the work of the Systems Team:
Assist all aspects of the work of the Systems Team;
Playing a great teamwork role in the Systems Team;
Ensure that the reports to the Lead are properly tasked in line with the implementation requirements of ARC Power;
Assist in conducting regular training sessions with employees to ensure that they continue to work as an effective team while on the field as well as in the office;
Ensure that issues resulting from team working on the field are resolved and/or raised to senior management quickly and effectively so that resolutions can be implemented;
Assist  in providing technical guidance and support to team members;
Foster a collaborative and productive work environment both within the Systems Team and between the team and other operational units of ARC Power;

Management of ARC Power’s Metering Systems:
Metering applications and development
Ensuring reliable and accurate metering and control of customers’ accounts across ARC Power’s areas of operation;
Performing technical assessments of available metering technologies;
Overlaying metering plans on grid designs and specifying metering systems to ensure reliability;
Project Management and oversight of meter installation;
Asset management and tracking of meters;
Metering operation and maintenance (O&M);
Monitoring of deployed meters and proactive management;
Training Operational Teams in the installation and operation of meters;
Supporting procurement activities to ensure metering hardware is available to meet ARC Power deployment targets;
Day-to-day monitoring of the system, network, application, and service alerts and providing second and third levels of support;
Create and maintain project-specific support documentation & procedures within ARC Power Knowledge Base;
Proactively work to identify ways to improve and streamline processes.

System Integration and Management:
Engaging and managing relationships with third-party service providers,        including MNOs and Aggregators, software and hardware (metering) providers and software providers;
Providing technical support and managing requirements for external service providers in the provision of services to ARC Power;
Assisting in the specification and design of ARC Power systems and software, and supporting feedback, requirements, and development prioritisation for external systems;
Technical management and support for ARC Power systems;
Supporting service procurement activities.

Second and Third Line Customer Support (Technical):
Provision of second and third-line (technical) support and systems training to customer service teams;
Assisting in the provisioning of customers and metering infrastructure using ARC Power systems;
Providing second and third-line technical support to the Customer Service Team;
Supporting procurement processes and defining requirements.

Operations collaboration and support:
Follow all developed O&M protocols, standards, and processes for the Systems space;
Follow all designed optimization strategies for systems infrastructure O&M;
Management of the  maintenance of systems infrastructure proactively and ad-hoc in response to incidents in collaboration with the technical and line management;
Provide support for teams responsible for issue resolution.

Assist in  monitoring  and auditing all infrastructure and installed systems:
Maintain detailed documentation of system configurations, network diagrams, and procedures;
Keep records of changes made to systems for troubleshooting and auditing purposes;
Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all hardware and software assets in ARC Power. This includes servers, computers, networking equipment, and IT licences.

Support IT estate management:
Install, configure, test, and maintain operating systems, application software, and system management tools.
Data management and support on analytics.
Design, commission and maintain all remote access infrastructure and systems, including Office and ARC

Training & accreditation:
Training on technical aspects of metering and monitoring infrastructure, including upkeep of comprehensive manuals.
Assisting metering and monitoring infrastructure operations and safety.
Conducting risk assessments and understanding risk management plans.

Assist in Data management & analytics:
Data Collection: Gather data from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, APIs, and sensors.
Data Analysis: Use statistical, mathematical, and computational techniques to interpret and derive insights from collected data.
Data Visualization: Present data in visually appealing formats like charts, graphs, and dashboards to facilitate decision-making.
Data Governance: Establish policies and standards for data management, ensuring quality, security, privacy, and compliance.
Data Collaboration: Collaborate with stakeholders to understand their data needs and support decision-making processes.
Data Interpretation: Extract actionable insights from data analysis results to inform business decisions.
Data Storage: Organise and store data in databases or data warehouses for easy access and retrieval.

Required Skills:
Advanced Diploma or proven experience in the fields of computer science, IT, or similar.
At least two years experience in the IT or telecommunications sector.
Proficiency in MS Office, cloud computing, and other related programs.
Experience in software development and/ or management.
Management skills (planning, controlling, organising, leading teams).
Demonstrable experience managing project budgets.
Excellent critical thinking abilities.
Demonstrable ability for diligence and attention to detail.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Excellent communication skills and interpersonal abilities.
Self-motivated and capable of working independently.
Ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
Excellent proficiency in English.

Experience working in the electricity sector.
Experience in metering systems (including their installation and management).
Experience in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Experience in telecom integrations with MNOs.
Experience building and/or operating a USSD system.
Experience implementing and/or operating smart metering systems.
Experience working in the field, particularly in rural environments.
Valid car and/or motorbike licence.

ARC Power is an equal opportunities employer that strongly supports women in STEM fields. We highly encourage females to apply for this role.

Terms of Engagement
Employment Grade
The Systems Assistant sits at Grade 5 of ARC Power’s organisational structure. Remuneration will be equivalent to this level, based on experience.

Abbreviated Contract Terms
This is a full-time position with a probationary period of 3 months, potentially extended on review.

Termination can be at any point during the probation period, and with one month’s notice (for any valid reason) thereafter.

Place of Work
The position is based at ARC Power’s National Head Office. However, it is expected that the Systems Assistant (SYSA) regularly travels to, and is temporarily based from, ARC Power’s operational sites nationwide. This may require living in remote locations for periods.

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