Drillers x2



  1. Verify positions and depth of boring locations before drilling to determine if it is safe to move forward with the process.
  2. Check gauges, monitor drilling condition and pay close attention to equipment to decide if it needs to be altered or adjusted during drilling.
  3. Use knowledge of soil or rock conditions to determine which drill is appropriate for each job.
  4. Stop, start and control machine drilling speed and align as well as position drills to stabilize machines.
  5. Regulate downward pressure, rotary speed and air pressure, depending on the type of material the drill is moving through, changing procedures and settings for each individual job as needed.
  6. Bore or drill holes in rock for routing, anchoring, blasting or building foundations, working with other members of the crew to ensure accuracy and safety.
  7. Follow all protocol and standard operating procedures to guarantee safety and compliance on the job site and keep team members safe from injury.
  8. Position and assemble casing pipes, augers, machines and other equipment with the appropriate hand and power tools.


  1. G12 Certificate
  2. Post secondary school training in Construction or Mining
  3. Able to use a Jack Hammer and an airlink
  4. Blastering Certificate will be an added advantage

Email application to [email protected] on or before 14th September 2023

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