General Manager


1. General Summary

Reporting to the Care Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Ltd (hereinafter called “Care Coop”) Board of Directors, the General Manager is responsible and accountable for all of Care Coop’s operational activities. The General Manager works to ensure that all activities are consistent with, and supportive of, Care Cooperative’s business plan, policies, procedures and the Cooperative’s Act. The General Manager ensures all employees are performing their job responsibilities proficiently and meeting expectations in all areas of their job descriptions. The General Manager exercises complete responsibility for attainment of financial goals as established by the Board of Directors.

2. Key Responsibilities

a) Review statutory instruments, acts, and regulations related to Care Coop from time to time and present them to the Board Chairperson if necessary. Review existing bye-laws of Care Coop and prepare and recommend changes if there are inconsistencies with Government’s statutory regulations.

b) Ensure mechanism for timely and high-quality implementation of Care Coop’s policies and operations by effective management of risk, quality, time and cost.

c) Take lead role for business planning of Care Coop which includes business plan for the sustainability, plan for savings and loan repayment collection.

d) Develop and institutionalize the best appropriate financial management systems that enables the Board of Director to manage Care Coop’s financial resources and business to an internationally accepted standard in a real time using modern technologies and practices.

e) Introduce and implement effective risk management practices for credit, market risk, operation risk, liquidity risk and other banking risks.

f) Ensure all bad debts are recovered. Bad debt, which includes all nil payments registered on monthly basis, is pursed immediately upon its occurrence. Follow up should cover all possible recovery venues; including the employer, the individual, etc., either through Care Coop personnel, legal means and or debt collection agents.

g) Ensure timely preparation and auditing of financial statements within the statutory framework.

h) Authorize commitment of corporate resources, including contracts, transactions and arrangements in the ordinary course of management.

i) Prepare and submit recruitment, development, motivation and retention policies and guidelines for staffs conforming to broad objectives Care Coop. This shall be accomplished through the consistent practices of sound human resources management concepts, thereby achieving teamwork, employee security, mutual respect and the highest level of professionalism.

j) Be knowledgeable of the Zambian labour laws, regulations, and procedures, including abilities to interpret and apply laws, rules, and regulations.

k) Ensure that effective communications and appropriate relationships are maintained with government agencies, donors, general public, media and all other stakeholders.

l) Take reasonable steps to ensure the safe (risk free) and efficient execution of Care Coop projects and revenue models, and ensure compliance with Care Coop’s objectives, policies, procedures, and practices.

m) Conduct financial due diligence and make employees responsible for evaluation in the different parameters such as evaluation of financial status of proponents, evaluation of financing plan, evaluation of financial indicators.

n) Ensure that all loan applications are being properly evaluated, as per Care Coop policies and procedures and ensure the approved loan amounts are in accordance with criteria, as laid down by Care Coop bye-laws.

o) Create and manage financial budgets, take care of company expenditure and bills, handle business procurements, ensure efficient, cost-effective facility operations, and review financial and operating reports.

p) Keep up with current trends of customers wants and needs and investigate new avenues of delivering their changing needs, and keep abreast of competitors’ services and make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors.

q) Ensure that all required Information Technology (IT) software/hardware for working efficiently is procured and in place, and guide, advise and organize training for all relevant employees on how to correctly and timely use the program to have more accountable records.

r) Approves all loan offsets and authenticates all loan applications that will end up with the board for approval

s) Ensure all company records, especially all loan applications/approvals, are appropriately filed and stored, for easy retrieval – both physical documents as well as digital documents/data, etc.

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3. Education and Qualifications

  • Full ACCA/CIMA. A Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) will be added advantage.

4. Experience

  • At least 5 years relevant experience
  • Membership to the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA).

5. Competencies

  • Managerial expertise, concern for quality, planning and organizing, a visionary with ability to think outside the box, and proficiency in accounting package.

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