Caseworker x7


CASEWORKER: Mongu x5 and Lusaka x2

Job Purpose: As a case worker with Kids Alive Zambia, you will serve the children in our care and their communities by facilitating support for those affected by issues such as poverty, abuse, illness, neglect, and more. Together with your co-workers, you will be responsible for providing in-take assessments for cases, gathering necessary information relevant to each case, creating intervention plans, and coordinating with other agencies and individuals to implement the said plan. You will work as part of a team focusing on family reintegration cases; you will be responsible for assessing eligibility of families for the reintegration process and/or finding eligible family members, preparing the family and the child with proper caretaking and lifestyle skills, pioneering the reintegration process for each family case, and monitoring progress thereof. You will also work as part of a team focusing on supporting the families of children studying at Kids Alive schools or care centres. You will take every opportunity to empower and equip your co-workers by espousing social work principles, practices and processes in ways that allow them to adapt and apply these tools in culturally appropriate ways. With others on the Kids Alive Zambia team, you will work to provide a safe environment in which the children can learn and grow toward wholeness.

Kids Alive is a Christ-centred organization that believes every child deserves to live free from the bondage of hunger, abuse, and exploitation.

Our commitment to this Biblical truth compels us to deliver life’s essentials with the same compassion and excellence that we would want for the children in our lives.

We rescue and provide for orphaned and forgotten children one at a time, but we accomplish so much more.

Together, we empower families and communities by developing partnerships and sharing the faith, knowledge, and infrastructure that creates self-sustaining legacies of transformation.

Key Responsibilities:

Thes Caseworker positions will be based at Lilato home in Mongu and Msisi home in Lusaka and will be reporting to the Social Worker. The main role for Case worker will be conducting family visitations and assessments and also help to;

  • Develop and refine information gathering and record-keeping systems.
  • Identify and assess the children’s and families’ needs, situations, support network, strengths, and goals
  • Advocate for and assist families in finding extra support services as needed
  • Evaluate, recommend, prepare, and empower children, caregivers, staff families, and communities for children’s needs, difficult situations, and transitions in the lives of children in the program.
  • Safeguard the vulnerable children of Kids Alive Zambia from potential or perceived safety risk, either by other individuals or dangerous situations.
  • Champion and uphold the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy as instituted by Kids Alive International
  • Perform other related tasks as assigned by the supervisor or other senior staff.

Minimum Education and Experience:

  • Certificate in Social Work, Psychosocial counseling or a closely related subject.
  • Minimum two years of experience in a psychosocial/social work field, more especially around Trauma Care, case management and livelihoods empowerment.
  • Being Computer literate is an added advantage
  • Thorough knowledge of best practices in psychosocial counseling
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with individuals of all ages, many different cultures, and various socioeconomic/ cultural backgrounds
  • An empathetic and inviting presence
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • Enthusiastic, encouraging, and hopeful presence.
  • Must Agree with Kids Alive Christ centred statement of faith
  • Have a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrate spiritual and emotional maturity, with a well-formed sense of identity in Jesus Christ
  • Be active participants in a Christ-professing church/community of faith
  • Have experience using their spiritual gifts and skills to serve their local church/community of faith
  • Have the willingness and humility to learn from others
  • Demonstrate social maturity and the ability to form and grow relationships
  • Demonstrate the ability to resolve conflict in a Biblical manner, with grace and patience
  • Patiently adapt to continuously changing situations and people
  • Demonstrate a humble willingness to be supervised.
  • Manage sensitive situations with discretion and respect in professional life
  • Demonstrate excellent team/group work experience
  • Demonstrate ability to motivate self and work independently within established guidelines
  • Demonstrate ability to organize complex information and changing situations

Person considerations

  • must be able to read, write and understand English
  • Must be able to speak Lozi or Mbunda fluently for those to be based in Mongu while those in Lusaka must also be fluent in Nyanja and Bemba
  • Must be willing to learn and easily follow instructions
  • Must be a team player
  • Must be able to keep confidential information

Deadline: 28th December 2020

How to apply: email your application letter, CV and certificates to [email protected]  stating in the subject line – “Caseworker worker -Mongu” or “Caseworker-Lusaka”.