Financial Manager

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Job Responsibilities:

  1. To assist the CFO in reviewing and formulating regulations and working procedures for financial management, accounting and accounting supervision, budget management, audit and supervision, treasury management, etc.
  2. To review and issue staff salary, business commission and other bonuses in a timely manner according to the performance appraisals summarized by the Administration and Human Resources Department.
  3. To participate in the formulation of financial plans, review, analyse and oversee the implementation of budgets and financial plans。
  4. Under the leadership of the Chief Financial Officer, to prepare accounts and settlements in an accurate and timely manner, to perform proper accounting, to prepare and audit accounting vouchers, to register the itemized account and general ledger, to check the receipt and payment of money and securities, the receipt and issue, increase or decrease and use of property, the increase or decrease of assets and funds, and the income and expenditure;
  5. Be responsible for the calculation, declaration and payment of company taxes, assisting the relevant departments to carry out financial audits and annual inspections;
  6. To complete the summary, analysis, reconciliation and analysis of financial basic data such as expenses and transactions on a monthly basis and assist the CFO in establishing a sound economic accounting system;
  7. To organise timely tax returns and tax payments, etc., and organise the preparation of regular and occasional management statements; notifiy heads of other department of relevant financial reports and analyses reports for the department in a timely manner。
  8. To accurately complete timely accounting of revenues, transactions, expenses and other related financial accounts of the company and the office, and be responsible for reviewing the company’s financial income and expenditure plans, cost plans, financial topic reports and accounting statements。
  9. To complete other tasks as assigned by the CFO.

Job requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in finance/accounting/economics;
  2. Preferably with work experience;
  3. Be able to manage the company’s finances and administration independently;
  4. With good professional conduct and dedication;
  5. 5Be good communication skills and a team player.

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