SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Consultancy to facilitate the establishment of a National Association of biodigester builders, biogas appliance suppliers and other related service providers

1. 0 Background

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) is a not-for-profit international development organisation with a local presence in 38 of the underprivileged countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, including 17 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. SNV global team of local and international advisors work with local partners to equip communities, businesses and organisations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services – empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and guide their own development. SNV focuses on achieving impact in Agriculture, Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. One of the SNV’s projects in Zambia is the Energy for Agriculture (E4A) project. The E4A project intends to develop the biogas market in the country to increase access of households, public services, and businesses to renewable energy technologies. The project aims at contributing to improved livelihoods for small holder farmers through increased savings on fuel and income generation from the productive use of biogas and bioslurry. The E4A project is building capacity in the public and private sectors to construct and operate 3,375 biodigesters across Zambia by 2018. Under the E4A project trained masons and biodigester construction companies (BCCs) provide biodigester construction and post-construction services.

To meet the growing demand for biodigesters, there is need to ensure development of the supply side by ensuring availability of high quality biodigester installations and continued operation of the biodigesters installed. SNV has been training masons and working with biodigester construction companies to ensure availability of quality construction and after-sale services.

In October 2016 SNV engaged a consulting firm to run a business development and leadership mentorship programme for 30 representatives (owners and masons) from partner biodigester construction companies (BCCs) to strengthen their leadership competencies and business management skills. The programme was intended to enhance the participants’ ability to develop and lead sustainable businesses. During the training participants resolved to form an association to take care of members’ business and representation interests. The interim biogas association needs support to formally register and to start transacting business on behalf of members. SNV is thus seeking the services of a consultant to provide support to formalise registration of the interim biogas association and orientation of its executive committee.

2. Objective of the Assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide support to members of the interim biogas association to discuss and agree the mandate of a national biogas association and facilitate election of an executive committee of the association. The assignment is also intended to orientate members of the elected executive committee in their roles and responsibilities as well as to support registration of the association, to prepare the association to formally conduct business.

3. Expected Outputs and Deliverables

3.1. Deliverables

The consultant will deliver the following outputs:

  • Training plan and schedule
  • Training materials and documentation
  • Initial training and design workshop conducted in July 2017, which should ensure the following:
  • A national association of biodigester installers, biogas appliance suppliers and associated service providers, established; and executive its committee elected
  • Biogas association registered with appropriate authorities
  • Strategic plans for the biogas association developed
  • A coaching session for the executive committee delivered in August 2017
  • An up-to-date membership of the biogas association
  • Process and content report of organizational development prepared and submitted
  • A constitution of the National Biogas Association formulated
  • The Biogas Association’s Executive Committee/board adopted
  • The Biogas Association’s bank account opened.

3.2. Tasks for the Consultant

The selected consultant or consulting firm shall perform the tasks below.

3.2.1. Facilitating formation of biogas association and development of its core business

  • Support biogas sector stakeholders (e.g. masons, digester construction companies, etc. – prospective biogas association members)) reflect on and identify opportunities and niches in the biogas business environment (What scope exists for business? – contextual analysis)
  • Orient biogas stakeholders (prospective biogas association members) on the need for, and benefit of member organisation
  • Support biogas stakeholders to determine the mandate of their association
  • Support formulation of Terms of Reference/Articles/Constitution of the biogas association
  • Facilitate election of association’s board members/executive committee, etc.

3.3.2. Facilitating formalization of the biogas association

  • Facilitate registration of the biogas association (with appropriate registration authorities)
  • Support the association to formalise operations i.e. opening a bank account, establishing the association’s physical location/address, adopting a Constitution

3.3.3. Orientation of association members

  • Backstop formulation of strategic plan for the biogas association
  • Backstop formulation of operational plan; and business plans for resource mobilization
  • Orient association in organizational operations management – e.g. record keeping and management (minutes, progress and financial reporting, conduct of meetings, etc.

Tentative schedule

1. Submit final inception report (assignment implementation plan) – Within 5 days of contract signing
2. Support biogas stakeholders (masons, digester construction companies, etc.) to determine the mandate of their association and to formulate Articles of Association/Constitution – 4 days
3. Backstop the biogas association in formulation of strategic/operational plan – 5 days
4. Orient association in organizational operations management – e.g. record keeping and management (minutes, progress and financial reporting, conduct of meetings, etc.) – 3 days
5. Facilitate registration of biogas association (with appropriate registration authorities) – 5 days
6. Support the association to open a bank account – 3 days
7. Follow up coaching session – 5 days

Total = 30 days

4.  Approach and Methodology

The consultant will be responsible for delivering the business development and leadership mentorship assignment. The consultant will when necessary provide tailor-made in-house training to stimulate learning and skills development among the participants. The consultant must however follow a process that deals with the following tasks/areas:

  • Facilitate organizational diagnosis
  • Facilitate design of the association’s constitution, by-laws and election of office bearers
  • Facilitate design of the association’s strategic/business plan
  • Design a self-assessment criteria form to be used in planning and monitoring of the association’s operations.
  • Facilitate generation of a list of membership as basis for other interactive activities.

The consultant will work closely with the project’s staff in the initial design and implementation of the assignment. The project’s National Biogas Support Unit will oversee the assignment.

Location and Period of Service

The assignment will be implemented in Lusaka. The assignment is for 30 working days and should start on 17th July 2017 and be completed no later than 25th August 2017.  The consultant shall propose a detailed schedule and milestones of the assignment with the letter of interest. The consultant is expected to design an appropriate mechanism for engaging with the association to provide follow up support after the initial training.

Competencies of the consultant/consultancy firm

The consultant/consultancy firm shall have a record of accomplishment in vocational training and coaching and the monitoring thereof. The following basic competencies are expected:

  • Lead consultants should have educational qualifications and professional experience in designing and conducting tailor-made training in organizational development and coaching
  • Experience in developing, organizing and conducting training, as well as in group formation and strengthening,  will be an added advantage
  • Extensive experience with a non-directive approach of coaching (i.e. ability to structure sessions; create rapport; listen and reflect back; and, stimulate commitment to action)

Fees and Expenses

The consultant/consulting firm should clearly indicate in their proposal the total costs of carrying out the assignment including remuneration, DSA, travel and transportation fees and any other sundry expenses that may be needed to complete the assignment. The consultant should also indicate the support and resources expected from E4A/SNV to successfully carry out the assignment.

The consultant will be sub-contracted for an agreed fee for a total not exceeding 30 working days.

The consultant will submit a technical and financial proposal, including a work plan, for implementation of this assignment. Payment to the consultant will be based on the invoice submitted to the SNV. Payment will be in three instalments: 40% upon signing of the contract; 30% on submission of training report; and 30% upon completion of the assignment and delivery and acceptance of the assignment implementation report.

Evaluation Criteria

A two-stage procedure shall be followed in evaluating the proposals. The technical evaluation shall be carried out first, followed by a financial evaluation. The technical proposal carries a weight of 60% while the financial proposal carries a weight of 40%. The evaluation items and their interpretation and maximum scores are outlined in the table below.

Organisation’s experience

A brief of past relevant assignments (in similar regions) indicating scope, geographic coverage, staff involved, budget, and client (names and contacts) – 10

Understanding of the ToRs and proposed approach and methodology

Organisation’s perspective  of what the assignment entails and the key considerations that should be made to implement it successfully – 20

Work plan

Clear sequencing of activities, staff role distribution and time planning – 10

Qualification and experience of lead staff

CVs for nominated staff indicating their academic qualification and clear relevant experience summary – 20

Financial costs

A breakdown of costs detailing proposed staff daily, daily rates, taxes and other direct costs related to the assignment in Zambian Kwacha using the attached template. – 40

In case of non-availability of enough bidders, a single source service provider will be hired.

Application Procedure

Interested consultants should submit a proposal detailing the background and record of accomplishment, methodology, work plan, and staff profile amongst others, together with a separate financial proposal detailing itemized costs of services

Submissions should be sent via:

Email to:  [email protected] and [email protected], with the subject line:
“Establishment of a National Biogas Association”

Postal: Procurement Office, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, 7 Nkanchibaya Road, Rhodes Park, P.O Box 41771 Lusaka, Zambia,

Submissions are to be made available to SNV Zambia no later than 17.30 hours on 2ND July 2017.

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