Livestock Manager

Fidelity Labour Consultants Limited

Livestock and General

  • Set goals for performance and deadlines in ways that comply with company’s plans and vision and communicate them to subordinates
  • Organize workflow and ensure that employees understand their duties or delegated tasks
  • Patrolling, inspecting and reporting on the condition of livestock
  • Feed and water livestock; and monitor food and water supplies
  • Examine animals to detect illness, injury, or disease, and to check physical characteristics, such as rate of weight gain.
  • Groom, clip, trim, and/or castrate animals; dock ears and tails
  • Herd livestock to pastures for grazing , setting up grazing camps, grazing plans, etc.
  • Maintaining the health and welfare of livestock
  • Provide medical treatment, such as administering medications and vaccinations; or arrange for veterinarians to provide more extensive treatment after consulting director.
  • Mark livestock to identify ownership and grade, using brands, tags, paint, or tattoos
  • Observes workers to detect inefficient and unsafe work procedures or identify problems, and initiates actions to correct improper procedure or solve problem.
  • Investigates grievances and settles disputes to maintain harmony among workers under your division.
  • Maintain or assist in the maintenance of facilities and farm infrastructure including cleaning stores, water troughs, barns, kraals, animal houses and pens.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Degree/diploma in Agriculture or Animal husbandry
  • Extensive experience in a similar position
  • Management experience is required
  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to perform duties that are not in the job description from time to time.

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