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Finance Consultant

Scope of Work

Lima Links Ltd is looking for a service provider to evaluate the finance policy and finance procedures of the company to ensure that they are in line with best practices, with a specific focus on eliminating potential loopholes that could result in fraud. The service provider should be well vested in the Zambia Company’s Act requirements, Zambia Tax requirements, accounting standards, and financial best practices. The estimated LOE is one month of work, which can be spread out over a period of three months if need be, although preference is for a continuous month.

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The service provider is expected to deliver the following to Lima Links:

1. Examine the current financial systems and procedure and bring them to corporate standards, including:

  • Directors responsibilities and statements
  • Financial statements
  • Income statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Cash-flow Statement
  • Accounting policies
  • Notes to financial statements

2. Evaluate Lima Links’ entire financial systems and procedures and produce a status report, including recommended changes. These should support Lima Links to produce good audited financial reports after one year of operation.
3. Equip Lima Links in the preparation of management accounts.
4. Produce internal controls for the Lima Links finance system that will make the organisation efficient but able to detect fraud or dangers of it before it occurs.
5. Provide advice on best finance policies in line with the industry Lima Links is operating in.
6. Produce Lima Links Finance Policy that will enable the company to flourish and attain its goals.
7. Provide guidance on all tax related matters that might affect Lima Links (i.e. Tax compliance and tax planning procedures).
8. Advise on optimal month end procedures.
9. Produce a robust revenue management system; recommend the best way of managing grant revenue as a for-profit company and handling the documentation of share capital of Lima Links.

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Qualifications and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Finance with at least 10 years’ experience in accounting and finance at management level.
  • Well-versed in best practices of financial policies and procedures, tax requirements, accounting standards, and fraud elimination.
  • Strong background knowledge in auditing.
  • Registered member with ZICA.
  • Proof of registered TPIN with ZRA.

To Apply

All interested service providers should submit a tender to Lima Links by emailing [email protected] with a complete tender, including the following sections, CLEARLY MARKED:

  • Description of company or individual expertise and experience. If Company, must include section on team members and relevant expertise.
  • Outlined proposal and associated timeline for completing the requested service.
  • Budget proposal for completing requested service.
  • List all qualifications.
  • Schedule and availability to start work.
  • Applications must be submitted by 22nd September 2017.
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