Gender Mainstreaming Training Workshop

  • Zambia

Keno Institute



We are proud to offer this 4-day practical workshop in gender mainstreaming from the 6th to 9th August 2024.

Gender Mainstreaming is the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programs, in all areas and at all levels. It is a strategy for making women’s as well as men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs in all political, economic and societal spheres so that women and men benefit equally, and inequality is not perpetuated. The ultimate goal of gender mainstreaming is to achieve gender equality (ECOSOC, 1997). Mainstreaming is not an end in itself but a strategy, an approach, a means to achieve the goal of gender equality.

This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge of gender mainstreaming. It draws on best practices and case studies from around the world and Zambia in particular. It also provides the opportunity to focus on a specific policy area for participants to employ this knowledge in their own workplace.

Target Group

Researchers, Program Officers, Individuals, Directors, Policy Makers, Gender advisers, development practitioners with an interest in gender mainstreaming and gender focal points among others.

Dates: 6th – 9th August 2024

Training Location: Country Lodge Lusaka  

Training Purpose

  • Facilitate a shared understanding   of the broader context within which Gender Mainstreaming takes place.
  • Provide concepts and tools for the mainstreaming of gender in the public, private and NGO sectors.
  • Build skills to develop and implement gender-responsive policies, programmes and projects.
  • Facilitate a better understanding and implement frameworks, to identify appropriate entry points for the mainstreaming of gender.


By the end of the course, the participant should be able to;

  • Knowledge and understanding of the concept of mainstreaming gender.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the application of gender mainstreaming strategies, planning frameworks tools and best practices.
  • The capacity to develop and implement policies and programmes in which gender is mainstreamed.
  • The capacity to develop gender-sensitive indicators for monitoring and evaluating the mainstreaming of gender in all aspects of their departments.

Course Content

  • Gender Concepts and Definitions
  • Gender from a Development Perspective
  • Gender Analysis and Frameworks
  • Gender Mainstreaming principles and tools
  • Gender Mainstreaming in the Project Cycle
  • Gender Sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Gender-responsive budgeting

Registration fees

Training Fee ZMK 4500 (locals) / USD 300 (International Participants)

Registration Link:

Contact line: +260971696044 / +260762320063

Office Address:

Plot Number 12822,

Palm Drive Road,

Chelstone, Lusaka-Zambia

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