Filing Clerk

  • Full Time
  • Ndola, Zambia
  • Applications have closed


Role Description

At Mary Begg, our filing/records clerk is responsible for the efficient filing and cataloguing of all patient medical records; creating an efficient system to organise, maintain and retrieve patient medical files and ensure records are being managed according to international medico legal standards.  The filing/ records clerk conducts herself/himself in a professional manner and always demonstrates good customer service towards our patients, clients, visitors, health professionals and MBHS employees. He/she adheres to the MBHS Code of Conduct and maintains patient and staff confidentiality at all times.

Educational Requirements 

  • Must have a completed Grade 12 certificate with a merit or above in English language and Mathematics.
  • A qualification/certificate in information technology/ information management or country equivalent would be an asset.

Key Role Accountabilities 

  • Ensure that MBHS standard operating policies and procedures are read, signed and followed with regards to the front office department and medical records and documentation.
  • Be familiar with the MBHS Standards, especially sections relevant to your work area.
  • Develop, manage and maintain an efficient patient medical records system at the clinic.
  • Enter medical and financial information into Med-e-mass databases, create and implement filing systems, and ensure that the records are being managed according to international medicolegal standards.
  • Maintain good knowledge on medical coding, appropriate maintenance and culling of medical records, patient privacy issues, legal aspects related to patient medical records (i.e. disclosure of medical records, patient confidentiality, subpoena patient records under court order etc.)
  • Always adhere to the MBHS Code of Conduct and provide high quality, professional and friendly service at all times.
  • Be available to work any shift according to the roster’s requirements (morning, afternoon, night).
  • Unconditional acceptance of the Mary Begg confidentiality agreement regarding patient information, staff information and all matters relating to Mary Begg business. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action and/or dismissal from post.

Key Responsibilities 

  1. Create, organise and maintain patient’s medical records, including personal information, medical history and billing records.
  2. Accurately file patient records to ensure quick retrieval of medical records when requested by front office staff or MBHS medical staff.
  3. Enter accurate patient personal information, medical coverage/insurance details and relevant contact details onto the clinic’s medical records database.
  4. Create new patient folders with file numbers for first time MBHS service users. Verify that the patient’s name, address, contact information, mine number and date of birth on the medical file match information given by the patient when accessing MBHS services.
  5. Work closely with the front office receptionist to gather patient personal details and verify the accuracy of information (i.e. mine number, department, date of birth etc.).
    Support the Clinic Manager with annual culling of medical records or retrieval of inactive files.
  6. Deal with enquiries from staff, patients, visitors and other health professionals in a prompt and courteous manner.
  7. Confirm with medical personnel that the patient’s medical records are complete and correct.
  8. File patient records, which may include lab results and x-rays, referrals, as part of the medical record.
  9. Work with both paper documents and electronic files, and do routine tasks like data entry, organisation, cross-referencing, scanning, copying and retrieval.
  10. Receive, assist and direct patients and their families, visitors and health care professionals in a courteous, efficient and welcoming manner projecting a positive, friendly and professional image.
  11. Ensure that daily billing sheets are handed to the medical billing clerk/ billings officer so that all patient bills are processed on the same day.
  12. Ensure that charge sheets are not accidently left in the patient’s medical file.
  13. All corporate patient/client invoices must contain the main member’s mine number or Med-emass number, for easy invoicing.
  14. Maintain work operations by following policies and procedures.
  15. As results from laboratory tests performed outside the clinic/hospital come in or referral letters from external specialists come in, ensure that all patient documents are promptly filed in the patient’s medical file.
  16. Organise each patient’s medical file according to the most recent clinic/hospital attendance on top.
  17. Ensure that requests for photocopying etc., are met in a timely manner and are complete and of good quality.
  18. Receive and make telephone calls as instructed. Identify yourself openly. Speak clearly and politely. Divert calls promptly or take messages ensuring accuracy of detail and timely delivery to the recipient.
  19. From time to time, assist front office staff with the task of contacting the patients to confirm upcoming specialist appointments.
  20. Use appropriate MBHS infection control procedures, maintain your own work environment in a tidy and safe way and free from hazards.
  21. Report promptly any incident or adverse event relating to staff, patients’ or visitors to the clinic/hospital manager.
  22. Assess and report any problems with the computer programme or hardware to the IT Department, or any other member of management if IT is not available.
  23. Respond to any ad hoc requests from the Assistant Clinic Manager/ Clinic Manager/ Unit leader from time to time.

Customer Care

  • Be polite and respectful to clients and staff at all times.
  • Treat all clients, visitors and relatives in a caring, courteous and respectful manner and demonstrate good customer service at all times.
  • Report any evidence of poor customer service (i.e. bullying, rude behaviour, yelling etc.) to the Unit Leader or Clinic Manager or HR Manager.
  • Ensure all incident and adverse event reporting is carried out according to the clinic’s standard operating procedure.
  • Communicate with clients and staff in a clear and professional manner.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage difficult clients in a professional manner.


  • Attend in-house training seminars as mandated by the Unit Leader or Assistant Clinic Manager.
  • Good maths and accounting skills are required for this role.
  • Demonstrates effective teamwork with other members of the healthcare team.
  • Good attention to detail and recollection of patient information.
  • Proficient in MS Office (Word, Outlook and Excel).


  • Proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Always adhere to the MBHS uniform policy and code of conduct.
  • Must complete MBHS staff induction/orientation programme.
  • Must be honest, trustworthy and act with integrity at all times.

Quality Management

  • Proficient in managing infection control procedures.
  • Ensure that the MBHS facilities medical records and documentation system are organised and filed in keeping with medico legal requirements and international best practice standards.
  • Ensure that the filing room is clean, tidy, and dust and clutter free.

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