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RFP: Photography Team for MC- Zambia’s projects Proposal

Due by: May 12th, 2024

On behalf of MCW Global

I.About MCW Global and MC-Zambia
MCW Global is a non-profit organization with a vision for communities around the world to achieve greater levels of education, improved health, and increased economic security. Our mission is to address communities’ pressing needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow. Founded in 1999, MCW Global is based in New York with affiliates in Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia). MCW Global offers Young Leaders and Africa Programs. Across all our programs, we seek to act with integrity, compassion, accountability, responsibility, and excellence.

In each country where we work, we have established a locally registered organization, such as MC-Zambia, which was established in 2011. Nowadays MC-Zambia works in 3 fishing communities within Kafue District to attain high levels of Education, Health, Social, and Economic Status for its target beneficiaries. To achieve this, MC-Zambia is implementing projects that provide Literacy and Numeracy lessons to vulnerable and marginalized children in the Chanyanya community, supporting 10 schools of Chikupi zone in Kafue District with ICT equipment and skills, and supporting women and youth in Chanyanya, Kasaka, and Manyonyo communities with knowledge of financial literacy, Entrepreneurship, and leadership.

II.Project Overview
MCW Global is seeking a qualified Photography Team to develop key collateral for MC-Zambia’s education, health, and economic security projects. The project will be carried out between June and July 2024 with MCW Global and its Affiliate, MC-Zambia.The Photography Team will be expected to work in collaboration with the Affiliate Organization, MC-Zambia, to organize photoshoots and ultimately develop collateral for projects in line with the shared global brand and values. In addition, the Team will provide reports to the Global Team every two weeks.

III.Project Goals:
1.Organize photoshoots for each MC-Zambia project no later than July 1st, 2024. Photoshoots should be scheduled with anticipation and should last no more than four days.
2.Capture professional high-quality images for use both in print and online.
3.Collaborate with MCW Global’s Communications Team and MC-Zambia’s Team regarding pre-production arrangements.
4.Take “in-action” shots of MC-Zambia’s work on the ground and the people supported.
5.Recommend creative ideas to exceed expectations of goals and objectives.
6.Use artistic knowledge to enhance and compose photographs.
7.Review sets of photographs and select the best results.
8.Deliver (upload) the edited and high-resolution photos (minimum of 30) and raw material to a drive folder provided by the MCW Global Team.
9.Complete and deliver all work within the agreed-upon time frame.

IV.Scope of Work

  • Photograph types required: portraits, in-action shots, lifestyle shots, photos of the crowd and overall group in the organized activities, and any other required shots.
  • The projects that will be photographed and their locations are the following:

Project /Location
Literacy and Numeracy Lessons
Chanyanya Center

Improved Computer Literacy in Schools
10 schools in Chikupi Zone of Kafue District (Mungu, St. Anna, Chanyanya, Magoba, Kasaka,Chikupi, Chikupi Sec, Chikoka, Kabweza and Chikwama Primary School)

Women and Youths Empowerment Project
Chanyanya, Kasaka, and Manyonyo communities

Oral Health Health Project
10 schools in Chikupi Zone of Kafue District (Mungu, St. Anna, Chanyanya, Magoba, Kasaka,Chikupi, Chikupi Sec, Chikoka, Kabweza and Chikwama Primary School)

Climate Smart Innovative Agro-ecology Project
Chikupi and Magoba Ward

  • A minimum of 30 edited and high-quality photos must be delivered.

V.Photography Team Qualifications

  • A team with a minimum of 5 years experience as professional photographers.
  • Good knowledge of technical requirements and settings for taking photos in various settings (i.e., outdoor, indoor, portraits, group activities, etc.).
  • Experience covering social, humanitarian, and development projects will be an asset.
  • Desirable: Experience in excellent narrative writing and documenting of human-interest stories.
  • Willingness and clearance to travel within the country where the projects are located.
  • Ability to work with an interdisciplinary team.
  • Strong priority will be given to teams from Zambia.

VI.Selection Process
A.FORMAT: Candidates must submit their proposal by emailing the following documents as an electronic PDF attachment to [email protected] by May 12th, 2024.

B.CONTENT: The proposal shall include the following sections:

  • Photography Team: Name and short biography of each individual who will be involved and what role each individual plays during the activity.
  • Portfolio: Including a minimum of 5 previous projects and a summary describing each one, with samples of images.
  • Implementation Plan: Include details on the project’s approach, key deliverables, and timelines.
  • Cost Summary: A detailed cost for your services broken into product and service costs, including anticipated travel expenses.
  • Other Information: Any additional information the Team believes will be relevant to the RFP and the Team’s capability to provide the Services.

*Important: Let us know if you would be open to collaborating with another team from a different country on this project. Your implementation plan and cost summary should only include details about the specific country where your team will work.

Project Due By May 12th, 2024

Contact: Maria Lovaton Contact

Email: [email protected]

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