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Wonderful Group - Marco Polo Tiles Co. Ltd


About our Company Marco Polo Tiles Co. (Zambia) Ltd is a professional company under Wonderful Group of Companies which is involved in research, manufacturing and sales of ceramics, porcelain and marble tiles for interior and exterior decoration as well as construction materials. We are the pioneers of establishing the first porcelain, ceramics and marble tiles in Zambia, and responding to approximately 70% of Africa’s total market demand. We have acquired the most advanced state of the art technology, and our clientele is spread across Zambia with expanding markets in Africa into countries such as; South Africa, Congo DRC, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

In view of our growing support staff and expanding operations, Marco Polo Tiles Co. Ltd is hereby inviting applications for the following vacancies: –

1. Human Resource Administrative Assistant x 01

Position Responsibilities:

a) Organize and manage new employee orientation, training programmes and processing of identity cards

b) Administrative tasks such as updating employee documentation and filing

c) Responding to employee queries, welfare and assist in payroll preparation, compiling employee attendance time and bonuses

d) Assist in conducting job evaluation and employee performance appraisal

e) Facilitating exit interviews and processing of separation emoluments as well as statutory payments such as social security and workers’ compensation

f) Ensuring compliance to human resource regulations

g) Assist in ordering, receiving, stocking and distribution of office supplies

h) Supervise Canteen staff, responsible for the procurement of food items and ensure adequate stocks of kitchen supplies

i) Coordinate the repairs of office equipment

j) Manage organizational administrative meetings and stakeholder events

k) Act as a community liaison focal person in the implementation or engagement around corporate social investments; and

l) Performing other functions as may be delegated by the immediate Supervisor

Attributes, skills and Qualifications;

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of employment law, compensation and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Excellent time management and multi-tasking proficiency
  • Ability to enter data efficiently, accurately and timely to meet deadlines
  • Good planning and organizational skills; and
  • Knowledge of basic financial accounting skills

Note: All prospective applicants must possess at least an academic/ professional degree or diploma in human resource, business, administration or related social science and fully paid up members of the Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management (ZIHRM).

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2. Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Specialist x 01

Position Responsibilities:

a) Execute inspections and/or investigations in regulating, controlling and ensuring compliance with the workplace safety and health legal provisions

b) Conducting risk assessment and preventive measures

c) Collaborating with respective government agencies and other relevant institutions in ensuring environmental integrity and best practice

d) Monitoring key environmental issues and impacts by effectively ensuring that such occurrences do not adversely affect the company’s reputation or lead to litigation

e) Supporting the development of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) programs and policies

f) Providing advice on measures to mitigate occupational hazards and unhealthy conditions

g) Conduct factory inspections and safety talks in ensuring compliance towards established safety procedures and regulations

h) Oversee installations, maintenance and disposal of industrial effluent

i) Prepare management reports and statistical information on occurrences

j) Establishing standards and procedures for industrial hygiene

k) Assist in the establishment, functioning and performance of workplace safety committees

l) Performs other related duties as assigned

m) Ensure adequate stocks, issuance and proper use of personal protective equipment by all employees, accredited delegates and visitors

Attributes, skills and Qualifications;

  • Extensive knowledge on occupational safety, health and environmental procedures
  • Excellent analytical report writing skills
  • Proficiency in Safety Management Information Systems
  • Eloquent speaker with the ability to present and expound safety and health thematic issues

Note: All prospective applicants must possess BSc/BA or Diploma in Safety Management, Engineering or related specialty.

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3. Industrial Chemical/ Material Lab Analysts x 03

Positions Responsibilities:

a) Sample preparation and analytical evaluation according to prescribed technical requirements

b) Scrutinizing laboratory results for appropriate procedures

c) Ensure product consistency and safety

d) Assist in laboratory maintenance, preparation of test standards, calibration of instruments and proper disposal of unused or expired materials

e) Document appropriate reports and notify immediate departmental Supervisor on areas of non-compliance

Attributes, skills and Qualifications;

  • Ability to resolve practical industry-based or workplace challenges where limited standardization prevails
  • Excellent arithmetical and analytical ability to interpret laboratory data
  • Bachelors degree in chemical or metallurgy engineering or related field
  • Prior work experience will be an added advantage

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4. Industrial Electrical Engineers x 02

Position Responsibilities:

a) Test electrical and electronic equipment or peripheral components for continuity current, voltage and resistance

b) Maintain, repair and install electrical motors, generators and pneumatic/hydraulic electrical control systems

c) Perform the calibration and maintenance of industrial instrumentation devices

d) Ability to interpret electrical and mechanical schematics including electrical code specifications for the state of the art tile manufacturing machinery

e) Install, evaluate, replace or repair electrical wiring, switch boxes, receptacles, and other related installations

Attributes, skills and Qualifications;

  • Ability to demonstrate analytical thinking, supervisory skills and problem solving capabilities
  • At least three (3) years’ experience in routine maintenance operations
  • Good communication skills
  • Computer literate and ability to work with efficiency under pressure
  • Must be an up to date member of the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ)

Note: Applications must possess at least a diploma and bachelors degree in electrical engineering or related field.

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5. Fork Lift Operator x 01

Position Responsibilities:

a) Stacking tiles and other goods in the appropriate storage locations according to inventory control instructions

b) Ensuring that all loads are secure

c) Moving tiles and other items packed on pallets around the storage facility

d) Loading and unloading goods from trucks and other designated vehicles

e) Maintain forklift equipment by responding to breakdowns, performing pre and post inspections including making recommendations for repairs

f) Monitor and maintain accurate inventory

g) Report faulty equipment, damages and safety concerns to immediate Supervisor

h) Maintain a clean and safe work environment as well as equipment

Attributes, skills and Qualifications;

  • Ability to accurately assess weights, distances and heights
  • Flexibility in coordinating body movements and eye precision over long working hours
  • Competence forklift operating certificate with prior experience of not less than two years

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6. Frontend Loader Operator x 01

Position Responsibilities:

a) Operate the loader and other familiar heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner

b) Perform routine cleaning and maintenance of the equipment to ensure smooth operations

c) Work in a safe and responsible manner to avoid occupational injuries or fatal incidents

d) Operate loader controls to make necessary bucket movements

e) Collaborate with safety department to investigate damage or incidents and ensure adherence to established operational procedures

Attributes, skills and Qualifications;

  • Ability to understand ground disturbance dynamics
  • Understanding of computerized controls and electronics
  • Excellent foot, eye and hand coordination

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Marco Polo Tiles Co. Ltd is an equal opportunity employer, and female applicants are therefore encouraged to apply for appropriate positions not later than 26th February 2018. All applications, copies of CVs and qualifications should be addressed, and sent via e-mail or delivered to; The Corporate Affairs and Human Resource Manager Wonderful Group – Marco Polo Tiles Co. Ltd Plot No. 1938 Mungwi Road P.O Box 31211 Lusaka – Zambia E-mail: [email protected] Please ensure that you mention as the source of this job advertisement.

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