Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Specialist

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Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Specialist


a) Execute inspections and/or investigations in regulating, controlling and ensuring compliance with the workplace safety and health legal provisions

b) Conducting risk assessment and preventive measures

c) Collaborating with respective government agencies and other relevant institutions in ensuring environmental integrity and best practice

d) Monitoring key environmental issues and impacts by effectively ensuring that such occurrences do not adversely affect the company’s reputation or lead to litigation

e) Supporting the development of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) programs and policies

f) Providing advice on measures to mitigate occupational hazards and unhealthy conditions

g) Conduct factory inspections and safety talks in ensuring compliance towards established safety procedures and regulations

h) Oversee installations, maintenance and disposal of industrial effluent

i) Prepare management reports and statistical information on occurrences

j) Establishing standards and procedures for industrial hygiene

k) Assist in the establishment, functioning and performance of workplace safety committees

l) Performs other related duties as assigned

m) Ensure adequate stocks, issuance and proper use of personal protective equipment by all employees, accredited delegates and visitors

Attributes, skills and Qualifications;

  • Extensive knowledge on occupational safety, health and environmental procedures
  • Excellent analytical report writing skills
  • Proficiency in Safety Management Information Systems
  • Eloquent speaker with the ability to present and expound safety and health thematic issues

Note: All prospective applicants must possess BSc/BA or Diploma in Safety Management, Engineering or related specialty.

All applications, copies of CVs and qualifications should be addressed, and sent via e-mail or delivered to; The Corporate Affairs and Human Resource Manager Wonderful Group – Marco Polo Tiles Co. Ltd Plot No. 1938 Mungwi Road P.O Box 31211 Lusaka – Zambia

E-mail: [email protected]

Please ensure that you mention www.gozambiajobs.com as the source of this job advertisement.

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