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1. In 2012, Government, through the Ministry of Finance developed the Rural Finance Policy and Strategy to address and resolve challenges in the rural finance sub-sector. To operationalize the RFPS, the Rural Finance Unit was established in 2018 under the Investment and Debt Management Department of the Ministry of Finance. The Unit is charged with the mandate of enhancing financial inclusion in the rural sub-sector and providing policy oversight. Further, the RFU is indicted with the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating activities and programs in the sub-sector to ensure that the objects set out in the RFPS are met.

2. In pursuance of RFU’s mandate, the Unit is cognizant of the need to have studies as well conducting of Surveys that demonstrate the importance of rural finance. To this end, the Unit is in the process of undertaking several research studies to ensure the key objectives and outcomes of the RFPS which are anchored on Pillar 3 “Reducing rural poverty and inequality” in the National Development Plan are attained. Therefore, the training necessitates the need to equip the Unit with the necessary set of skills to be able to undertake both quantitative and qualitative research, analyze research data and interpret it to derive policy insight.

3. The Ministry of Finance intends to hire an Individual Consultant to provide a short-term training to the Rural Finance Unit (RFU) in Research Methods and Data Analysis. Specifically, the Consultant is expected to: –

    1. Upskill the participants with Qualitative and Quantitative skills of Data Analysis (SPSS, STATA);
    2. Instigate the understanding of; Developing questionnaires, Data entry, cleaning and management, Graphing, Descriptive statistics, inferential and non-inferential statistics;
    3. Provide Expertise in Data Coding, Validation and Editing;
    4. Hone participants’ skills in deductive and inductive approaches to Qualitative research analysis; and
    5. Provide training materials for the participants.

4. Experience: She/he must have:

  1. The Consultant/s must have a Masters’ Degree in any of the social sciences or relevant field.
  2. The Consultant/s should demonstrate competence, to select and apply specified areas of mathematic/s relevant to research methods /equivalent, with strong skills in the use of excel.
  3. The Consultant/s should understand the use of both Primary and Secondary data on optional topics in relation to Research theories.
  4. The Consultant/s must demonstrate that they have undertaken trainings of similar nature before.
  5. A minimum of 5 year’s expertise in providing training in Research Methods and Data Analysis. A certificate in research and data analysis will be an added advantage.

5. The duration is anticipated to take ten (10) working days (minus weekends).

6. This assignment shall be undertaken in Lusaka, Zambia. The delivery station for the training shall be proposed by the awardee of the contract.

7. Methodology

  1. The consultant/s will need to provide a detailed time table for the delivery of the lectures upon the award of the short-term contract assignment. In structure learning method will be preferred.
  2. Delivery will be in presentation of power point discussions, demonstrations, and exercises or activities that will help the participants gain the much required knowledge and skills for both modules;

8. Participants

Participation will be limited to not more than fifteen (12) individuals.

9. Certificates of Attendance

At the end of the training, the Consultant shall award Certificate of Attendance to the participants.

10. Selection of the Individual Consultant: A consultant will be selected in accordance with Zambia Public Procurement Regulations and IFAD Project Procurement Guidelines & Handbook, “Selection and employment of Consultants” which are available on and, respectively.

11. Expressions of Interest should be submitted to the address below by Friday, 3rd July 2020 at 10:30hrs in a sealed Envelope labelled “RUFEP/CS/ONS/002/2020: REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO CONDUCT A SHORT-TERM TRAINING IN RESEARCH METHODS AND DATA ANAYSIS”.

12. Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours from 09:00 to 17:00hours (Monday to Friday).

13. The address(es) referred to above are:

(i) For Clarification/Queries(ii) For Submission
Procurement SpecialistRural Finance Expansion Programme

Unit 2, Ground Floor, Mount Building Thabo Mbeki Road, P.O. Box 51061, Lusaka

Tel: +260 211 254 613

Email: [email protected], Cc

[email protected] and

[email protected]

Head – Procurement and Supplies Unit2nd Floor, Middle Wing, Room 105

Ministry of Finance, Chimanga Road, Ridgeway,

P.O. Box 50062,


Tel: +260 211 252 653,

Fax: +260 211 252 653

Sylvia Sichone (Ms.)

Head – Procurement and Supplies Unit

For/The Permanent Secretary


Important Note: Offers of employment or job openings with requests for payment or fees should be treated with extreme caution, viewed as potentially fraudulent and reported immediately.

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