Business Development Manager at Sarazi Logistics

Sarazi Logistics Ltd

Market Analysis and Opportunity Identification:

Research industry trends: Stay abreast of current logistics industry trends, competitor activity, and potential new markets to identify business opportunities.
Analyze customer needs: Conduct market research and interact with potential clients to understand their specific logistics needs and pain points.
Identify target markets: Define ideal customer profiles and target specific industries or geographical regions with high growth potential.
Lead Generation and Qualification:

Prospecting: Utilize various strategies like cold calling, email outreach, or attending industry events to generate leads and connect with potential customers.
Lead qualification: Assess the viability of leads by evaluating their needs, budget, and decision-making authority. Prioritize high-potential leads for further nurturing.
Sales and Client Relationship Management:

Develop sales proposals: Create compelling proposals that showcase the company’s logistics solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and challenges.
Negotiate contracts: Negotiate pricing, terms, and service level agreements (SLAs) to secure new client contracts.
Client relationship management: Build strong relationships with new and existing clients, fostering trust and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Growth Strategies and Implementation:

Develop sales and marketing plans: Collaborate with the marketing team to develop effective sales and marketing strategies to reach target audiences and generate leads.
Identify and implement growth initiatives: Propose and implement new business development strategies to expand the company’s reach and revenue streams. This could involve exploring new service offerings or entering new markets.
Performance Tracking and Reporting:

Track sales metrics: Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as lead generation rates, conversion rates, and deal size to measure the effectiveness of business development activities.
Prepare reports: Regularly prepare reports for senior management on sales performance, pipeline health, and market trends.

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