Livestock Manager

Savanna Beef Limited

Purpose of Job:

To ensure that the SAVANNA BEEF   Livestock Production units are properly and profitably managed. To carry out general management of livestock and maximize beef production

The successful candidate must meet the following requirements:


Ensure profitable operation of the Livestock production units
Ensuring that proper up to date management practices are adhered to for all livestock operations on the ground
Ensure quality control for all livestock products
Ensure effective supervision of breeding, re-stocking, feed formulation, feeding, dipping, vaccinations, confining animals in respective structures etc.
Ensure proper paddock/parlor clearing/cleaning to maintain standards of hygiene which meet standard requirements
Ensure the establishment and implementation of a long-term feeding plan
Ensure good pasture management, establish grazing plans and oversee its implementation
Ensure that up to date records of all livestock activities are kept at all times
Ensure timely and proper animal husbandry and health practices
Ensure proper and consistent costing of all livestock enterprises, including profitability assessment
Ensure farm security
Ensure proper use and maintenance of farm equipment


Marking the farm worker’s register
Record keeping
Inspecting herd for diseases
Feeding animals
Dipping animals
Mixing dip chemical in dip tank
Feed formulation
Treating sick animals
Ensure quality control guidelines can be accessed by all employees
standards of hygiene which meet standard requirements
Supervise and control all livestock activities
Monitor quality control activities


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