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Part of 260 Brands Africa, Seba Foods (Z) Ltd is an African consumer goods manufacturer based in Zambia.

We provide ‘value-for-money’ products that consumers can trust and feel good about. The company`s products have become household names in Zambia, priding themselves in very high-quality products through well-known brands such as Golden Goodness, Emilios and Instant Thobwa.

We manufacture, market and distribute reasonably priced consumer products inspired by local tastes, made from the best African raw ingredients that contribute to our consumer’s well-being.
Our local brands that are trusted and loved by our consumers are the most valuable asset we have. Our products must always be high-quality and a source wellness and pride.
We empower local farmers and small businesses by locally sourcing inputs and materials whenever we can.

We believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships. If we prosper, so should our consumers, employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

Job purpose

The Alternative Channels Sales Assistant – Copperbelt will be based in Kitwe and report directly to the Regional Sales Manager (Copperbelt) and will be responsible for building new relations and closing sales deals for all 260 Brands’ products (particular emphasis on HEPS porridge and bulk orders of all 260 Brands products) with clients originating from Alternative Channels in Copperbelt Province, including but not limited to: NGOs, schools/institutions, hospitals/clinics, mines, other corporates and HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes).

Key responsibilities

1. Developing a client database of current and potential clients, including but not limited to: hospitals/clinics, NGOs, schools/institutions, mines, corporates and HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes).
2. Conduct lead generation activities to create numerous leads for clients from alternative channels, including but not limited to emails, cold calling, attending events, setting up client meetings, following up with clients, etc.
3. Travel around Copperbelt Province to identify new client opportunities and understand the market in that province.
4. Generate quotations for potential client opportunities and supporting with writing tender, where necessary.
5. Responsible for payment collection for the supplies/orders made.
6. Ensure all orders made by clients are fulfilled and received accurately and on time.
7. Nurture current client relationships and resolve client complaints/problems to ensure client retention.
8. Support with the development and implementation of a marketing plan and strategy to reach clients from alternative channels.
9. Participate in all sales activities as required by management, i.e. sampling activities promotions, and use of IT (information technology) to carry out sales
10. Prepare regular sales reports and reconciliations
11. Prepare market reports and other reports management may require
12. Ensure targets set by management are met at all times and without fail

Key Qualifications & Requirements.

1) 1-2 years’ experience working in the field of B2B sales, preferably in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry
2) Must have a manual driver license (class B) or motorbike license (class A).
3) Experience in client-facing roles that interacted with senior and executive level staff in the past, is desired.
4) A relevant four year Bachelor’s degree desired.
5) Existing network of business relationships with companies falling under the alternative channels category preferred, with particular emphasis on NGOs and hospitals.
6) Thrives working within strict timelines and in ‘high pressure environments’ and demonstrates excellent time management skills
7) Strong communication skills (both oral and written) required
8) Good command of English, Nyanja and Bemba (French/Swahili speaking candidates will be preferred)
9) Demonstrates a positive and resilient attitude towards challenges
10) Enjoys engaging with a host of different people and strong potential to develop business relationships and generate new client opportunities.
11) High level of computer literacy with a strong command of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

Solving Problems and Getting Results.

1. Accept responsibility for resolving a problem to its final conclusion
2. Assist in the achievement and the on-going improvement of business results
3. Show dissatisfaction with poor performance and drive processes to achieve business goals
4. Strive to achieve agreed deadlines and standards, especially when the going gets tough or the anticipated situation changes
5. Apply a systematic problem-solving approach to identify causes, explore alternatives and recommend the best course of action to resolve the problem now and into the future.

Functional expertise

1. Remain up to date in your area of specialty or expertise
2. Apply a body of knowledge and experience to current business situations in order to add value and improve business efficiencies and profitability
3. Apply technical or specialist expertise and experience for the benefit of the organisation and consider the context in which these are applied
4. Ensure that your functional expertise supports that of other experts, rather than being in competition with them (e.g. colleagues)
5. Persuade or negotiate with others by relying on technical or specialist knowledge and experience;
6. Present documented material or proposals in a credible and professional manner
7. Share the technical implications of a situation with non-specialists, or explain it to them

Interpersonal skills.

The ideal candidate must be able to:

1. Speak English clearly and confidently i.e. must be articulate;
2. Listen actively to fully understand the other person’s view or perspective;
3. Tailor feedback to the specific needs and communication styles of others;
4. Prepare effective presentations and where required, concisely present/communicate a complete and accurate picture of the current situation or of the company’s products and services;
5. Develop and maintain two-way communication with a variety of people at different levels both within and outside the organisation;
6. Suggest proposals to address vital concerns and important business issues; and
7. Build a network of relevant role-players both within and outside the organization.

Team leadership

1. Influence others to achieve the organisation’s human resources mission and goals;
2. Organise the work and allocate roles and responsibilities to self and staff members;
3. Provide ongoing direction to individuals/teams in terms of roles, goal setting and performance standards;
4. Coach and assign/delegate tasks to develop the capabilities of others and find satisfaction in knowing the impact made on an individual’s work and career;
5. Lead from a position of influence, not merely authority;
6. Create and reinforce a culture of teamwork and cooperation amongst all stakeholders;
7. Create a climate of sustainable motivation at work that empowers people to want to do their best;
8. Provide the information and other resources needed for staff to perform their tasks well;
9. Communicate results achieved on a regular basis, and realign focus and standards when needed;
10. Complete face-to-face staff evaluations and written appraisals where appropriate;
11. Resolve conflict between and among employees constructively and fairly;
12. Manage poor performance decisively and in good time;
13. Implement disciplinary procedures where necessary ensuring alignment with organisational policies & governing labour legislation.

Strategic Orientation

1. Use complex strategic thinking skills and incorporate conceptual, analytical and intuitive abilities;
2. Disseminate and communicate the vision for the future;
3. Develop clear, step-by-step Human Resource strategies aligned to the Vertical’s overall Strategic intent and timelines; and understand the organisation’s inherent strengths & weaknesses in relation to human capital;
4. Understand and keep abreast of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses;
5. Formulate policies and procedures to support the business;
6. Plan and implement fact based changes and innovations within the business;
7. Identify and verify critical information and intelligence for formulating goals;
8. Set long-term objectives for the business;
9. Build an appropriate image for the company and broader organisation.

Entrepreneurship and profitable growth

1. Proactively seek opportunities to grow the current business and identify new business opportunities;
2. Identify opportunities in clients’ businesses to promote relevant solutions in your own business;
3. Determine, as soon as possible, the costs and benefits of a business proposition;
4. Understand the key performance indicators/influencers driving the market (externally & internally);
5. Understand and manage the market dynamics (competition, the rules of the game and regulations);
6. Understand financial terms and conditions in the business process, including cash flow, discounts, credit terms, implementation costs, project funding, foreign exchange, taxation, et al:
7. Formulate a budget and understand and work closely to deliver that budget.

Solving Problems and Getting Results

1. Accept responsibility for resolving a problem to its final conclusion;
2. Drive achievement and the on-going improvement of business results;
3. Show dissatisfaction with poor performance and drive processes to achieve business goals;
4. Strive to achieve agreed deadlines and standards, especially when the going gets tough or the anticipated situation changes;
5. Review and evaluate proposals in line with broader business strategies;
6. Know when to move on to the next opportunity and not invest too much time on “spent” business opportunities;
7. Apply a systematic problem-solving approach to identify causes, explore alternatives and decide on the best course of action to resolve the problem now and into the future.

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