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Seba Foods Zambia Limited is a Zambian registered company incorporated in 1997 and a renowned producer of maize and soya based consumer food products. Over the years, the company`s products have become house hold names in Zambia, priding themselves in very high-quality products through well-known brands such as Golden Goodness and Instant Thobwa.

Seba Foods Zambia is committed to producing high quality food products only from the finest quality soya beans and maize, sourced from local farmers in Zambia. The company`s ethos of providing the best possible quality from seed to the shelf has over the years been a proven mark for the brands and has been enjoyed by many in Zambia and beyond.
In addition to our food processing, our aim is to increase efficiencies in the soya value chain, and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. We anticipate to build smallholder farmer capacity for thousands of targeted smallholder farmers in soybean production, aggregation and marketing, of which 50% are women, by working on the grass-root levels to improve yields for these farmers

Job Purpose

Reporting to the Factory Manager, the Silo operator will be responsible to manage 4 x 4000tons of galvanized steel silo’s, to meet the commercial requirements of Seba Foods’ whilst maximizing efficiency and upholding quality, health, safety and environmental standards.
He/She will be responsible to liaise with Logistics, Quality Control, Procurement, Accounts and Production Manager while operating the silos

Key Responsibilities


  1. Receive vehicle on incoming w/b and enter details of contract into the w/b computer system
  2. Instruct driver to park-up or direct to appropriate tipping pit
  3. Receive vehicle on outgoing w/b, weigh and issue w/b ticket
  4. Draw off samples from the vehicle, provide to QA for further approvals a. Check sample for evidence of grain pests and or admixture
  5. Enter sample results into the ERP
  6. Bag and label samples
  7. Perform daily control checks for all relevant apparatus using known reference samples
  8. Undertake Proficiency tests as required and complete the relevant report sheet for submission

Control Room

  1. Operate and maintain full PLC system.
  2. Operate manual sliding gates to unload silos
  3. Operate cleaner by insuring correct screens is fitted for correct product.
  4. Housekeeping, insuring all silos and Elevators are locked at all times.
  5. Insuring correct product movement to avoid mixture of product at all times.
  6. Operation of control panel including ship loading scale
  7. Directing lorries to various tipping pits
  8. Input of information into ERP
  9. Movement of grain around the silo as instructed
  10. Cleaning of storage bins as required
  11. Preparation of stock sheets, stock declarations and temperature readings

Health, Safety and Environment

  1. Assist the management to comply with Health and Safety, Fire and Environmental legislation
  2. Ensure compliance with the company Health, Safety and Environmental policies
  3. Co-operate and engage in health, safety and environment training as required
  4. To keep records as required by Health and Safety
  5. Provide support to the management to run the site in a safe and efficient manner
  6. Ensure site security is maintained at all times

Product Line Responsibilities

  1. Operation of the weighbridge
  2. Operation of the silo’s
  3. Operation of the ship loader
  4. Operation of the control panel and scales
  5. Comply with company procedures at all times
  6. Keep records as required by Quality Assurance or any relevant government legislation

Key Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Proficiency and experience in handling inventory
  2. PLC experience
  3. Silo operation experience will be a benefit
  4. Good team working skills
  5. English Verbal and written communication skills
  6. Logical reasoning
  7. Numerical skills
  8. Electrical or ITI Diploma or Related Qualification
  9. Able to cope under pressure and work towards deadlines
  10. Able to work at heights
  11. IT literate with experience of using Microsoft office
  12. A flexible approach to working hours specifically in peak periods
  13. Excellent communication skills and the ability to build effective working relationships both internally and externally.
  14. Ability to work co-operatively with others and independently at times without supervision

Solving Problems and Getting results

  1. Accept responsibility for resolving a problem to its final conclusion
  2. Assist in the achievement and the on-going improvement of business results
  3. Show dissatisfaction with poor performance and drive processes to achieve business goals
  4. Strive to achieve agreed deadlines and standards, especially when the going gets tough or the anticipated situation changes
  5. Apply a systematic problem-solving approach to identify causes, explore alternatives and recommend the best course of action to resolve the problem now and into the future

Functional Expertise

  1. Remain up to date in your area of specialty or expertise
  2. Apply a body of knowledge and experience to current business situations in order to add value and improve business efficiencies and profitability
  3. Apply technical or specialist expertise and experience for the benefit of the organization and consider the context in which these are applied
  4. Ensure that your functional expertise supports that of other experts, rather than being in competition with them (e.g. colleagues)
  5. Persuade or negotiate with others by relying on technical or specialist knowledge and experience;
  6. Present documented material or proposals in a credible and professional manner
  7. Share the technical implications of a situation with non-specialists, or explain it to them

Interpersonal Skills

The ideal candidate must be able to:

  1. Speak English clearly and confidently i.e. must be articulate;
  2. Listen actively to fully understand the other person’s view or perspective;
  3. Tailor feedback to the specific needs and communication styles of others;
  4. Prepare effective presentations and where required, concisely present/communicate a complete and accurate picture of the current situation or of the company’s products and services;
  5. Develop and maintain two-way communication with a variety of people at different levels both within and outside the organization;
  6. Suggest proposals to address vital concerns and important business issues; and
  7. Build a network of relevant role-players both within and outside the organization.

Team Leadership

  1. Influence others to achieve the organization’s human resources mission and goals;
  2. Organize the work and allocate roles and responsibilities to self and staff members;
  3. Provide ongoing direction to individuals/teams in terms of roles, goal setting and performance standards;
  4. Coach and assign/delegate tasks to develop the capabilities of others and find satisfaction in knowing the impact made on an individual’s work and career;
  5. Lead from a position of influence, not merely authority;
  6. Create and reinforce a culture of teamwork and cooperation amongst all stakeholders;
  7. Create a climate of sustainable motivation at work that empowers people to want to do their best;
  8. Provide the information and other resources needed for staff to perform their tasks well;
  9. Communicate results achieved on a regular basis, and realign focus and standards when needed;
  10. Complete face-to-face staff evaluations and written appraisals where appropriate;
  11. Resolve conflict between and among employees constructively and fairly;
  12. Manage poor performance decisively and in good time;
  13. Implement disciplinary procedures where necessary ensuring alignment with organizational policies & governing labor legislation

Strategic Orientation

  1. Use complex strategic thinking skills and incorporate conceptual, analytical and intuitive abilities
  2. Disseminate and communicate the vision for the future;
  3. Develop clear, step-by-step Human Resource strategies aligned to the Vertical’s overall Strategic intent and timelines; and understand the organization’s inherent strengths & weaknesses in relation to human capital;
  4. Understand and keep abreast of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses;
  5. Formulate policies and procedures to support the business;
  6. Plan and implement fact based changes and innovations within the business;
  7. Identify and verify critical information and intelligence for formulating goals;
  8. Set long-term objectives for the business;
  9. Build an appropriate image for the company and broader organization.

Entrepreneurship and profile growth

  1. Proactively seek opportunities to grow the current business and identify new business opportunities;
  2. Identify opportunities in clients’ businesses to promote relevant solutions in your own business;
  3. Determine, as soon as possible, the costs and benefits of a business proposition;
  4. Understand the key performance indicators/influencers driving the market (externally & internally);
  5. Understand and manage the market dynamics (competition, the rules of the game and regulations)
  6. Understand financial terms and conditions in the business process, including cash flow, discounts, credit terms, implementation costs, project funding, foreign exchange, taxation, et al:
  7. Formulate a budget and understand and work closely to deliver that budget.
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