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Consultancy on Localized Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunity Scan

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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SNV is implementing the second phase of the Scaling Up Youth Employment in Agriculture Initiative Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE)+ project in Zambia. The four-year OYE+ Phase II project builds off successes, lessons learned and evaluations to date from the Phase I project in Zimbabwe and Zambia, other SNV youth employment projects and the OYE programme in Tanzania. The OYE+ Phase II program aims at fostering a strengthened approach to youth employment programming by addressing structural barriers, offering tailored support, and promoting collaboration among community, private sector, and government stakeholders to create dignified livelihoods for young people.

The key objectives of the project are to:

1.    1.Increase access to employment and entrepreneurial skills development opportunities.

2.    2.Match young people to economic opportunities in their communities, using market development and increased financial inclusion.

3.    3.Contribute to and support an enabling environment via company partnerships, community engagement, and improved government coordination.

The project employs the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship (YEE) Pull-Match-Pull-Enable framework approach that brings together partners from the private sector, service providers, and government to focus on employability, entrepreneurship, and business access for youth. In view of the above, a need has arisen for SNV to conduct a Localised Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunity Scan (Opportunity Scan) as a prelude to the implementation of the project. Opportunity identification lays the groundwork for implementing YEE activities, by directing interventions towards growth-oriented economic sectors that present viable youth employment and entrepreneurship. SNV intends to undertake a pragmatic exercise to inform a concrete project implementation strategy. To that end, the Opportunity Scan will be led by the SNV technical team with support from an independent consultant, ensuring that OYE+ Phase II activities are strategically aligned with promising economic opportunities. By leveraging the expertise of both teams, the exercise will comprehensively analyse and identify opportunities that are both viable, appealing to youth aspirations and “green” in nature which addresses current and futuristic localized challenges and ever-changing market dynamics. Additionally, the central involvement of the SNV technical team will foster ownership and sustainability, anchoring the identified opportunities within the YEE framework approaches.

Consultancy scope of work

The Localized YEE Opportunity Scan will be conducted in Lundazi, Chipata, Katete, Petauke in Eastern province, Choma, Sinazongwe, Monze and Mazabuka in Southern province, Kabwe, Chibombo and Mumbwa in Central province and Lunte, Mporokoso and Mungwi in Northern province. The Consultant will work closely with the SNV implementation team throughout this assignment (from desk review to final reporting), ensuring GESI is well integrated in the study and their main role is to consolidate findings and delivery of high-quality outputs covering all below listed focus areas (including expected tasks).

Consultancy deliverables

The consultant will deliver the following:

1. Inception report, based on preliminary desk review of available literature discussion with SNV. The inception report shall include:

i.       The proposed methodology including research methodology, target areas, data collection tools, proposed respondents.

ii.        Detailed workplan outlining timeframes and key deliverables and milestones.

iii.        Outline of the final report

2. Draft report with preliminary findings of the study for review by SNV

3. Comprehensive final report of the study reviewed and approved by SNV. The final report should cover the study focus areas in detail. These are.

i.       Document stakeholder feedback and suggestions to inform the opportunity scanning process.

ii.        Opportunity mapping shortlist highlighting localized opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship.

iii.        Value chain mapping identifying promising value chains and potential interventions.

iv.        Partner mapping outlining private sector partners and potential local collaborating partners and service providers with entry points.

v.        GESI analysis highlighting key findings and recommendations.

vi.        Intervention nodes document identifying priority areas for project intervention.

4. Presentation (PowerPoint) of Findings and Recommendations: Aligned with SNV PPT Guidelines

Candidate profile

The ideal consultant for carrying out this assignment must possess the following academic qualifications, technical expertise, and experience:

1.    Must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as economics, agricultural economics, development studies, business administration, or a related discipline is essential. A higher qualification in a relevant field will be an advantage.

2.    Experience (at least 5-7 years) working in the field of agriculture, youth employment, entrepreneurship, rural development, or value chain analysis with a strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by youth in Zambia.

3.    Demonstrated ability to opportunity scans, market surveys and conduct research through desk review, key informant interviews and focus Group Discussions, data analysis, and synthesis of findings into actionable recommendations.

4.    Proficiency in conducting value chain mapping and analysis, identifying key actors, market dynamics, and intervention points.

5.    Strong writing skills with the ability to produce clear, concise, and well-structured reports.

6.    Proficiency in English is required, while proficiency in local languages spoken in the target districts would be an asset for effective communication with stakeholders.

7.    Self-motivated and able to work independently.

Documents to be submitted as part of the Consultants application:

1.    Bidder Profile

1.1   Completion of the Bidder Profile document summarizing the bidder’s background, qualifications, and experience. (See attached word Bidder Profile document).

1.2  CV of the individual consultant or CVs of the proposed individuals by the firm to work on the assignment.

2.    Technical Proposal

2.1.   The Technical Proposal should include but not limited to the following (7-11 pages – 11 pages max, 11-point font):

2.1.1.    Summary of the objectives of the assignment from consultant perspective 1- 2 page)

2.1.2.    Proposed methodology for each activity/deliverable (4-5 pages) and how it highlights youth employment and entrepreneurship, private sector engagement and market systems approaches.

2.1.3.    Approach to enhance inclusion of vulnerable groups (0.5 – 1.5 pages)

2.1.4.    Tentative timeline for the achievement of the activities/deliverables and number of days for each (1-2 pages)

3.    Financial Proposal

3.1.   The financial proposal shall indicate total budget estimated in USD for international consultants and ZMW for national consultants, as well as a detailed breakdown of budget items mainly DSA, daily fee rate and travel/transport.

3.2   Payments will be based on outputs, i.e. upon delivery of the services specified in the TOR. (Note that WHT of 5% for national and 15% international will be deducted at source and paid direct to ZRA as per Zambia law).

4.    Past Performance

4.1.   Include three reference projects related to consulting, conceptualization, designing and/or managing projects in youth employment/skills development/ market linkages/Agriculture/ private sector engagement in development projects within the past five years containing the following information (1-2 pages per project max):

4.1.1.    Name of Client/Employer

4.1.2.    Title of the Project dates, and duration of the project

4.1.3.    Scope of the project, Requirements of the assignment, Proposed solutions, and Outcome

4.1.4.    Reference/Contact person details for each assignment and contact information.

4.1.5.    Attach evidence of performance for each of the three referenced projects listed in the candidate profile (e.g. reports).

5.    Mandatory Requirements

5.1 For Zambian national individual consultants: copies of Tax Registration certificate and the most recent tax clearance certificate.

5.2 For a firm registration document: Business license/Certificate of Registration for all, Tax Registration, Current tax clearance certificate and VAT if applicable

Failure to provide a full package of documents listed above them will result in disqualification of the

whole bid. Only Shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.

Please submit the above listed in five (5) packages of documents by one email with the subject line.

“OYE Market Scan Consultancy””: [email protected] by 17:00 July 2, 2024

Detailed specifications and requirements are well stated in the RFP which can be found on this link.

Terms of submission

Please submit the above listed in five (5) packages of documents to [email protected] through one email with the subject line OYE Market Scan Consultancy by 17:00 hours of 2nd July 2024.

Failure to provide a full package of documents listed above them will result in disqualification of the whole bid. Only Shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.

Note: SNV Zambia may request for necessary and/or more information during the evaluation. SNV will only contact the successful bidder (s) within the period of 2 weeks from the closing date of submission.

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