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SOS Children's Villages Zambia


A. Introduction and Background

SOS Children’s Villages Zambia is a non-governmental, social development organization focusing on the promotion and safeguarding of children’s rights. The organization is currently operational in four regions; Lusaka, Livingstone Kitwe and Chipata. Through one of its core programme, Family Strengthening, the organization aims at empowering communities and families toward self-reliance so as to prevent separation of children from their families and promote children growing up in a caring family environment.

B. Context of Lusaka FS Program

Many girls and women face challenges with managing their periods safely. In addition to persisting taboos, women and girls’ capacity to manage their periods is affected by a number of other factors, including limited access to affordable and hygienic sanitary materials and disposal options leaving many to manage their periods in an ineffective, uncomfortable and unhygienic ways

In vulnerable communities of Zambia, many young girls miss school each month while menstruating because they can’t afford to buy menstrual products. Advocates of menstrual health for girls, especially in poor African communities, propose that menstrual pads should be provided free of charge to girls because menstruation is a natural process which happens monthly for a woman’s entire reproductive lifetime.

In October 2016, when the government of Zambia unveiled its 2017 budget, it was announced that the distribution of free sanitary towels to girls in rural and peri-rural areas to increase and retain attendance of girls in schools, would begin. However, despite the announcement the exercise is yet to start.

In 2017 and 2018 SOS through the family Strengthening program   made efforts to raise awareness on the issue of menstrual hygiene management in schools and gave sanitary ware to very vulnerable school going girls as a way of promoting school attendance among girls. The initiative went further into the community where awareness campaigns where conducted under the theme: support girls each day of the month, this was to ensure that parents and care givers are engaged to ensure that they support girls each day of the month by providing sanitary ware for them in order to ensure that no girl misses school during their menstruation period due to lack of sanitary ware.

C. Objectives of the Training

The training will aim to enlighten participants on the importance of:

  • To equip vulnerable but determined community members with skills in sanitary ware making so that they can be able to support their children every month and ensure that no girl child is held back from School due to lack of sanitary ware.
  • To equip female youths with a skill that can be used as an income generating venture as they strive to attain self-reliance.
  • To contribute to increased School attendance among girls and changed community altitudes towards the importance of girl child education

D. Expected outcomes

  • Reduced teen pregnancies.
  • Participants will have improved menstrual hygiene management among vulnerable girls in schools.
  • Community members shall be equipped with skills in sanitary ware making to ensure that no girl child is held back from school due to lack of sanitary ware.
  • Female Youths will be equipped with a skill that can be used as an income generating venture as they strive to attain self-reliance.
  • Increased school attendance among girls and changed community attitudes towards the importance of girl education.

E.    Deliverable – by the facilitator

  • Report after the workshop
  • Certificate of attendance

F. Timeline

Will be from 6th to 08th May, 2019

G. Target group

The target participants for the training are 30 of which 15 of them will be caregivers and 15 female youths from Kabanana, Chaisa, Mandevu, Chipata, Garden, Chingwere, Chazanga, Kapopo and Independence Communities

H. Proposal Invitation

Proposals are invited from registered, qualified and experienced consulting organizations to provide training / Workshop facilitation services for 3 days for 30 participants in the following area of training.

Eligibility criteria

In order to qualify for consideration of contract award, the consultant should prove that the following qualifications, technical and financial requirements are met fully.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in health science / Social Workers from a recognized institution.
  • With 3 years’ experience in conducting similar training (evidence to be provided in the proposal such as references). CV for the team members must be part of bid submission
  • Provide detailed work methodology to be used in relation to the TOR
  • Proficiency in local languages preferably Nyanja and Bemba
  • The financial proposal which must clearly show taxes applicable e.g. 15% withholding tax on professional fees only and VAT/Tax on training material cost.
  • Must submitted certificate of registration & Company profile including the current PACRA annual approval and valid Tax clearance certificate

The technical and financial proposal documents can be submitted in PDF format via email to [email protected] copy in [email protected] [email protected]  [email protected] [email protected]

Hard copies can be dropped off at the following address;

The Regional Programs Manager

SOS Children`s Villages Zambia

P O Box 37907,



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